2 thoughts on “Fact or Freestyle: Ep 9 Chad Johnston, Scott O’Brien, Chad DeGroot

  1. Damn I love these ! Wild thing is some of these stories I’ve wondered about myself , haha. STOKED to see , hear a lil bit from Chad Johnston …….one of the most CORE cats in the game for MANY moons . On his BIKE and behind his Camcorder . I’ve actually been peep gaming some of his video parts and edits for S @ M bikes . STILL checking his part in one of his all time classic….LINKT !! Scott , Chad in the mix makes this ANOTHER full -stop episode as well !! Keep em coming Dave , Cicman ! Fact or Freestyle ??! Scott Powell was asked , begged to do EVERY combo in EVERY video that he starred in from 1993 to 1999 …….he was relentlessly requested to do ALL these combos……..AND even hit 98 % of them …..FIRST TRY . This session went down April 26 2008 from 9.15 P.M. to 12.38 A.M. in Austin Texas with all of the A.T.X. BMX Flat crew in attendance , of course . One annoying individual( me , haha ! ) had pulled one combo , rode on over to Scott Powell ………and bugged him to do ALL those combos . Powell didn’t hesitate and did EVERY one , haha……..even doing a front wheel line without using his PEGS …….Fact………or……..freestyle ???!! Hmmmmmm…………

    • I would love to see an all undertaker variation edit by Scott , I was always stoked on the many variations and combos he has done with undertakers.

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