Classic Mondays: Props Groundwork

Props Groundwork is 20 years old and a certified classic in any flatlanders collection. Claybom is on it with uploads this week, I was so stoked when this popped up the other day.

Sections from Brian Tunney, Leif Valin, Brian Rybak, Chase Gouin, Dylan Worsley, Nate Hansen, Akira Okamura, Chad Degroot, Aaron Behnke, Mike S, James White, and Dan Rigby.

Diversion Video Mag – Motivation is The Key Issue 1.0 (Part 7)

To become good at flatland you have to stay motivated. Every rider has his or her way of staying motivated. In this segment, discover how various riders keep going, pressing into the future with new tricks. Riders include: Stephen Cerra, Gabe Kadmiri, Josh Evans, Ed Nussbaum, Bob Weatherbee, Hollywood Steve Scheuerer, Dave McDaniel, Jon Dowker, Brian Rybak, and Bobby Carter.