2023 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Nominees Announced!

Hello everyone!

It’s time to announce the nominees for the 2023 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards in Reader Choice (You at Home) and Editorial Vote (Me at FM HQ!). Congratulations to everyone who got nominated, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

– Effraim.


Julien Baran
Yu Katagiri
Jean William Prevost
Yu Shoji
Kio Hayakawa

Jean William Prevost: Comes in waves
Dane Beardsley: About Time
James White: White Noise
Sebastian Grubinger: Finale
Viki Gomez: 20 Years on red bull

Carin Hommura
Aude Cassagne
Jeanne Signeur
Louise Signeur
Leticia Moda

Yu Shoji: Uci Glasgow final
Kio Hayakawa: Chimera Round 3 final
Yu Katagiri: X Games final
Yu Katagiri: Flatark
Jean William Prevost: Huffjam

Dane Beardsley: Last trick in About Time.
Yu Katagiri: Flatark Best Trick.
Kio Hayakawa: Xft upside pedalling Uci Glasgow semi final.
Yu Shoji: Crack jump to Saturn spin.
Takato Moriya: Backwards pedal junkyard full flip line.


James White
Jean William Prevost
Yu Katagiri
Yu Shoji
Kio Hayakawa

James White: White Noise
Jean William Prevost: Comes in Waves
Sebastian Grubinger: Finale
Takahiro Enoki: Heresy
Dane Beardsley: About Time

* To be announced next Sunday.

Yu Shoji
Ren Oshima
Jijejije Bmx
Takuji Izumi
Takatora Hishkawa

Heresy BMX
Four Pegs BMX
Ares Bykes
Nous BMX

*The 2023 Flatmattersonline Year End Award winners will be announced next Sunday (28th January).

Matti Hemmings wins the U.K. National Championships

We just wrapped up the U.K. National Championships at the Backyard jam at Junction 4 Skatepark.

Congratulations to Matti Hemmings, crowned the British Champion followed by Lee Musselwhite and James White on the podium.

Great day for U.K. flatland. The UCI Worlds in Glasgow next up in a couple of weeks, stay tuned for the runs this coming week on Flatmattersonline.

1. Matti Hemmings

2. Lee Musselwhite

3. James White

4. Yinka Thomas

5. Murat Ozadimir

6. Reese Thomason

7. Dino Jeffers

8. Amos Burke

Matti Hemmings & TGM Maz take the top spots at Round 2: U.K. BMX Flatland League

Congratulations to Matti Hemmings and TGM Maz taking the wins in Pro and AM at Round 2 of the U.K. BMX Flatland League at the National Cycling Show at the NEC. Lots of good stuff happening in the U.K. scene right now, onto the Backyard jam next!! Full results below.


1. Matti Hemmings

2. James White

3. Arturo Zamudio

4. Steve Green

5. Murat Ozdemir

6. Aran Gillan

7. Dino Jeffers

8. Dan Margetts

9. Amos Burke


1. TGM Maz

2. Steff Evans

3. James Ovens

4. Simon Hills

5. Steve Rooke

Photos: U.K. BMX Flatland League.

James White: 2nd Place Pro / UK BMX Flatland League

One of the highlights of Round 1 of the UK BMX Flatland League in Leicester was the return of James White to the contest scene. Despite being bullied into entering, James it seemed had more fun than anyone else and took a well earned second place finish.
Enjoy both his runs, including his commentary.

Matti Hemmings & Mark Walters take top honours: UK BMX Flatland League Round 1

It’s been a great day at Round 1 of the UK BMX Flatland League in Leicester. Congratulations to Matti Hemmings who took first place in the Pro Class, followed by James White coming out of contest retirement and looking like he’s never been out of the contest scene, and rounding out the podium, Martin Drazil all the way from Prague!
* I have the top three Pro runs, and will post up this coming week. Stay tuned!

In the Am Class, former TGM local Mark Walters hitchhiked his way to first place followed by Matthew Dyer better known as Denny, bar spin backwards infinity roll lit the crowd up, in third place Steve Rooke, a face I haven’t seen in a hell of a long time. Full results below, big thanks to Alex and Keelan for hosting the event and getting everyone together.

Matti Hemmings.
James White.
Martin Drazil.
Amos Burke.
Dino Jeffers.
Murat Ozdemir.
Miguel Pargas.
Michal Piettruszewski.

Mark Walters.
Matthew Dyer.
Steve Rooke.
Joseph S.
James Ovens.
Kev Clark.
Morgan Gleave.

The Winners of the 2020 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards Are….

It’s time to announce the winners of the 2020 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards, 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Flatland as a community rallied together to make the best of these difficult, testing times.
We saw riders focus more on edits rather than contest placings, as a result perhaps the rate of progression was a lot greater than previously would be, those that wanted to compete took part in numerous online contests, and in between all that the FM exclusives made to 60 episodes in 2020.
What the future holds is unclear currently, the vaccines are getting out there, and we hope to know more by spring time which really isn’t that far away.
Let’s try, and remain positive and make the best of every situation.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Without further a due, let’s get into the show!

Effraim Catlow / Flatmattersonline.

The 2020 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards Nominations Are……..

It’s time as promised to announce the 2020 Flatmattersonline Year end awards nominations,
I felt there was a lot to say about the awards and the year, which a lot of the time doesn’t get covered under the previous text announcement format.

So, I attempted to make a makeshift studio feel in my front room during lockdown 3.0, and present the nominations, and share my feelings on the year as well as the reader choices.
Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

Winners announced: Sunday 24th January.

* If you don’t want to watch the whole show, you can skip through parts using the timestamps.


00:00 FM Title Screen
00:07 Effraim introduces the FM Year end award nominee show
00:56 Reader Choice Rider of the Year
04:59 Reader Choice Edit of the Year
8:07 Reader Choice Most Progressive Rider
11:38 Reader Choice Contest Run of the Year
15:12 Reader Choice Breakthrough Rider of the Year
19:33 Effraim introduces the Editorial Awards
20:50 Editorial Choice Rider of the Year
27:33 Editorial Choice Edit of the Year
31:06 Editorial Choice Most Progressive Rider
35:55 Editorial Choice Outstanding Contribution
39:37 Editorial Choice Line of the Year / Flatmattersonline Exclusive of the Year
46:06 Effraim Outro

Thanks for watching and listening!

Flatmattersonline / Effraim Catlow.

1994 BS Comp Hoffman Bikes OKC

Rolling back to 1994 right here, with a good one from the BS Comp archives. Oklahoma 1994 FT the likes of James McGraw, Jason Brown R.I.P, Andrew Arroyo, Lionel Cardoso, Dennis McCoy, Sean McKinney, James White, Albert Retey, and more mixed in with park footage. Enjoyed this one, and you made do too…

Episodes 21-30: Flatmattersonline Exclusives


It’s time for the Flatmattersonline exclusives, episodes 21-30. Check out the new timestamp feature on the videos, where you can scroll through the video and see the listings as they happen. Thank you to Joe Cicman, James White, Brett Downs, James McGraw, Romulo Guerra, Thiago Baby, Lindsey La’akea, Art Thomason, Amos Burke, and Bryan Huffman for all contributing!