The 2020 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards Nominations Are……..

It’s time as promised to announce the 2020 Flatmattersonline Year end awards nominations,
I felt there was a lot to say about the awards and the year, which a lot of the time doesn’t get covered under the previous text announcement format.

So, I attempted to make a makeshift studio feel in my front room during lockdown 3.0, and present the nominations, and share my feelings on the year as well as the reader choices.
Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

Winners announced: Sunday 24th January.

* If you don’t want to watch the whole show, you can skip through parts using the timestamps.


00:00 FM Title Screen
00:07 Effraim introduces the FM Year end award nominee show
00:56 Reader Choice Rider of the Year
04:59 Reader Choice Edit of the Year
8:07 Reader Choice Most Progressive Rider
11:38 Reader Choice Contest Run of the Year
15:12 Reader Choice Breakthrough Rider of the Year
19:33 Effraim introduces the Editorial Awards
20:50 Editorial Choice Rider of the Year
27:33 Editorial Choice Edit of the Year
31:06 Editorial Choice Most Progressive Rider
35:55 Editorial Choice Outstanding Contribution
39:37 Editorial Choice Line of the Year / Flatmattersonline Exclusive of the Year
46:06 Effraim Outro

Thanks for watching and listening!

Flatmattersonline / Effraim Catlow.

16 thoughts on “The 2020 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards Nominations Are……..

    • You definitely got a vote from me , Mr. 2027 BMX Flatland styles ! After going through your You Tube channel , all those NEW lines back to back to back……..TO BACK……your name , Giannis’s and Viki’s names were the only easy ones to decide on ! YEEAAAH , Mr. Cicman !

  1. I’m really , really STOKED on THIS , E ! I like this video review for the awards , it was a great idea , TIMES 7……YES , haha….. it’s Terry’s second wind alright ! He told me mid -year that he was gonna really push his progression and take advantage of the M.K. Format . Thank you so much for this play by play rundown video , again I’m really digging it , as it’s very rad hearing just what YOU think of all the nominated riders ,being that you’re such a O.G. Elite rider yourself , that’s done , pulled and DIALED just about literally everything on a BMX bike ! Can’t wait till the final announcement , as it took me MONTHS to decide on my personal best riders this year . FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM !

  2. Cool what you said about the Japanese not posting so much stuff and saving it for contests.

    Also I think Ucchie should also be mentioned when talking about Coaches. I know there are more in Japan, but thinking about the Katagiri bros and where they are it seems like his coaching has to be pretty important and also liked what you said about skateboarding and flatland.. I think they are more similar than other parts of bmx and flat.

    Cool to see Giannis in the mix. He is like to videos on flatmatters what Rodney is to posting.

  3. THE NEW GUARD edit would be a sick one. Thank You MR. E, I have received innumerable blessings through your guard, congratulations to everyone on there, too much skill. Fingers crossed for in person CONTESTS soon !

    • That would be so good dub! You deserve all the plaudits, absolutely amazing what you do for the artform and your riding of course!

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