FLAT ONLY COGCAST: Episode 2 / The Return of Sequence with Aaron Frost!

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Flat Only COGcast, my guest for the second episode is Aaron Frost from Sequence. The return of Sequence is a breath of fresh air to the flatland community, and I sit down with the man himself, and talk about the history of the brand, re-re-releasing classic sequence product, the new Anvil system on his peg design + you get the scoop on the new team for 2021 and a whole lot more.

Check the Timestamps for what’s discussed, I have to say this one of the best interviews I have done. Really enjoyed catching up with Aaron and talking all things Sequence. This show is not to be missed!!!

Enjoy the show!

0:00 Welcome to FLAT ONLY cogcast episode 2!

00:19 Introducing Aaron Frost to the show.

2:52 History of the Sequence brand.

3:49 Concept behind Sequence name.

6:06 How long did the brand run the first time round?

7:59 Shintaro Misawa added to the Sequence team.

10:42 Who was on the original Sequence team?

15:45 Recognising annoyingly good riders.

17:46 How long did Sequence lay dormant, what was your thinking starting back up?

19:04 Making a mistake getting Sequence made in Taiwan.

20:56 When did you start Sequence up again?

21:57 Starting a manufacturing company.

24:29 Making Sequence product in house.

25:32 Re-releasing classic Sequence product?

26:24 The Hook stem and the engineering behind it.

31:03 Is the weight on product a concern for you as a rider and engineer?

32:35 The Anvil peg system and size of pegs?

34:37 Why is the internal sleeve starting inside the peg more than usual?

36:28 Working with Titanium.

38:34 Having the facilty to take more then stems and pegs.

39:57 Working towards complete bikes.

40:52 Who is on the Sequence team for 2021?

48:25 Discussing how insane the Real Jeep Games were?

51:53 North American flatland scene.

53:07 Where can you get Sequence product from?

54:51 Aaron’s personal riding progression and injuries.

57:02 How does Aaron feel about Flat Only Brands?

1:07:21 How can people contact you?

22 thoughts on “FLAT ONLY COGCAST: Episode 2 / The Return of Sequence with Aaron Frost!

  1. This was so good guys! Definitely what I needed to hear. I love what you said Effraim about not compromising, and Aaron, I agree that “I do a sophisticated set of wheelies” should be a shirt, hahaha.

  2. I did NOT expect a shoutout in that video. I feel the same way – the Ronin days were the best days. Thanks for being part of the fam Big E. Also, SO many of my favorite memories from those days involve Aaron – this interview was great – all the best Aaron. When I start building up my bike again, if Sequence makes it, I’ll be running it.

    • NEEEEEEEEEV !! The Ronin days were RAD , TIMES 7 . Such a lethal mix of RIPPERS , with their own personal styles on their bikes . What I wouldn’t give to see video of the Ronin team video that was gonna drop in April of 2003 ! Terry told me about the first combo he had filmed for it and let’s just say ……….it would RULE today in 2021 , that combo !! STOKED you’re building a bike up and I was HONRED that you did a back yard on MY bike the day after I had turned 28 @ that E.S.P.N. X- Trial contest in Grand Prarie Texas , April 26 2002 …..you , myself , Michael Mcfadden , Takashi Ito , Akira Okamura , and David Weathersbee had a really funnny , dope riding / chilling session that night in the hotel parking lot ! Ryoji Yammamoto sure did a crazy, funny high kick dance ,after a few too many beverages , huh ??! Hahahaha !

    • You did it right Shane, I do wish that damn Ronin video came out. All that footage lost from when you stay dover that week. Always remember, you said “have tricks that no one has seen you do” so motivating….
      Ronin set the blueprint, how it’s done right!

      • Curious , Big-E ………can you maybe remember one of those lines that you had filmed for the Ronin video ?! What about a lil edit of you revisiting just one of those lines ?! Even spread the word on here to your past team mates about them doing the same thing . It could be a lil T.T. special in honor of one of the most CORE eras in the sport , while giving respect to Ronin / Shane ! I know you’re dealing with injury at the moment …….I’m thinking everyone does like one lil combo each . That way it’s not too time consuming ,as everyone has alot going on in their day to day schedules . Call it ……..the RONIN RE-UP -2021 edit , haha……I’d be STOKED on that………..

  3. Awesome interview with Aaron. I agree with what he said regarding flat-specific parts. Riding with street/racing bars isn’t an option for me, as I prefer minimum sweep and a low crossbar. My Sequence hook stem arrived yesterday, and it is really light, and clamps great so far. Just waiting on a new set of bars to arrive.

  4. THIS RULES ! Aaron is a certified O.G. RIPPER ! Thrilled he’s STILL riding @ his highest level AND now RE-upping SEQUENCE !! ALSO……….DIEGO TEJADA , mi amigo and a PRODIGY right outta here, in San Antonio …..I think he was on SEQUENCE flow ?! He’s one of THE most dope riders to EVER represent the new school wave in Texas . He started making SERIOUS waves in the GLOBAL contest scene in 2005 ! I STILL watch Aaron’s section in From The Sky Up , by Stewart Munro ! Aaron’s Green Goblin line is STILL holding it’s own in the technically DIFFICULT category , TODAY in 2021 !!

  5. Thanks for all the kind words!!! If I had it to do over again…
    Thanks to Jesse P, Jeff D, Brandon F, Waldamere F and anyone else I am forgetting that help push the brand in the past ❤️

    • In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget things Aaron even though I had it all written down, you said things along the way that sparked freestyle questions I just threw in there.

  6. Hi.

    my name is Eduardo Tobar, a flatlander from South America. This last time a series of interviews have been carried out which is only spoken in English, I would like to ask if it can be translated into Spanish. I understand that this generates additional work but it is only a semanagement.

    Hoping that my words do not bother or feel critical of your work, I sincerely say goodbye.

    Eduardo Tobar.
    Flatlander from Chile.

    • Hi Eduardo,

      I have no idea how I would translate to Spanish, my Spanish is non existent :/ . If anyone knows a way, let me know in the comments.

      Thanks for the comment!

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