Marton Szilagyi: Over 50

Marton's Over 50 Edit (2020 year end edit) from og pictures on Vimeo.

It still seems like yesterday Marton Szilagyi came to Southsea Skatepark as he was working in the Hungarian circus across the road. OG Marton is a legend, not only a great rider but blessed with amazing editing skills to boot. These videos are so easy on the eye, that’s not easy to do. Keep on keeping on Marton, I can’t ever imagine him stopping! Respect!!

7 thoughts on “Marton Szilagyi: Over 50

  1. In my list of fave riders to watch, without a doubt. Super skillful, smooth & uses both wheels, tons of variations and combos. To me, Marton is the complete package of what l love in riding.

    • TIMES 7 , Tristan ! I was REALLY hyped watching this , the whole way through ! He’s in that TOP 27 ELITE riders list……… in HISTORY of BMX Flatland in my opinion. Riding at THIS high a level ….OVER 50 ??!! Talk about UNTOUCHABLE !! He’s NEVER stopped evolving with all of the trends , time eras , and relentless progression in Flatland . It’s a real head trip watching EVERY one of his videos , his riding in ALL of them starting from late 1996 till……THIS edit ! MENTAL !!

  2. Ah wow Rodney, it is almost beyond belief that Marton has evolved as you said, in every era, with no signs of slowing down at 50 plus. Riders like him are few & far between. I think he’d blow away, if not do real well, against most of today’s riders.

    • Totally agree , Tristan ! I mean really ….with his DEEEEEEP sack of tricks , variations , and lines …….I can’t think of a single contest he wouldn’t do well at , even easily …WIN ! He’s got the moves from EVERY time era of flatland , he’s got the consistency , he’s a confident rider ……he’s got it all and then some to jump in ANY global event and do damage in the pro class , TIMES 7…….you know , Tristan…….I’ve always wonder watching his Trick stars videos , him filming , being there @ the 1999 , 2001 X-Games , back when they had flatland in the contest……..WHY he WASN’T riding in the damn contest !! Hahaha…..he would of EASILY made finals AND possibly WON ! Like ya said …..riders of his caliber are SO few and far between !

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