Flatgames 2017

I don’t know about you at home, but I have been watching a lot of contest/jam footage recently. This Flatgames contest from 2017 in Japan really motivated me and brightened my day, sit down, grab a cuppa and get motivated! Jimalog kills the editing duties and this will get you riding with a smile on your face. Big up Moto Sasaki organising this jam!

3 thoughts on “Flatgames 2017

  1. Nothing but positive vibes in this video. The atmosphere seemed as if the riders treated this more like a jam than a contest. Riders seemed relaxed and just went out there and did their own thing.

  2. HOW in the hell did I miss THIS edit ??! It RIPZ hard ! All the different riding styles , everyone one going for it in their runs , the vibe / energy throughout the whole thing , FULL package, right here ……Thanks , Big-E ! I REALLY peep gamed , watching this . Naoto just going for broke , totally trying to get it all in there , all or nothing ….loving that SLAAAAAMMMED line of his @ 7.33 minutes , as well as Mr. Tech = Yoshiki’s line @ 7.00 minutes !! This entire edit is SO dope , TIMES 7…….

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