The 2020 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards Nominations Are……..

It’s time as promised to announce the 2020 Flatmattersonline Year end awards nominations,
I felt there was a lot to say about the awards and the year, which a lot of the time doesn’t get covered under the previous text announcement format.

So, I attempted to make a makeshift studio feel in my front room during lockdown 3.0, and present the nominations, and share my feelings on the year as well as the reader choices.
Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

Winners announced: Sunday 24th January.

* If you don’t want to watch the whole show, you can skip through parts using the timestamps.


00:00 FM Title Screen
00:07 Effraim introduces the FM Year end award nominee show
00:56 Reader Choice Rider of the Year
04:59 Reader Choice Edit of the Year
8:07 Reader Choice Most Progressive Rider
11:38 Reader Choice Contest Run of the Year
15:12 Reader Choice Breakthrough Rider of the Year
19:33 Effraim introduces the Editorial Awards
20:50 Editorial Choice Rider of the Year
27:33 Editorial Choice Edit of the Year
31:06 Editorial Choice Most Progressive Rider
35:55 Editorial Choice Outstanding Contribution
39:37 Editorial Choice Line of the Year / Flatmattersonline Exclusive of the Year
46:06 Effraim Outro

Thanks for watching and listening!

Flatmattersonline / Effraim Catlow.

Alex Jumelin & Matthias Dandois organising the Fise Contest / 30th May/1st June!

The annual Fise contest in Montpellier, France is fast approaching, huge crowds, and good times in the South of France. Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois stepped up again to organise the event and sent in this nice detailed press release about the event!

Hello all!!

Flatland at F.I.S.E is back stronger than ever! Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois are taking care of the contest again this year!

It’s the first stop of the BMX Flatland world circuit so we are going to try our hardest to make everything perfect.

There is a new category this year: the Master class!


Wednesday 28th May and Thursday 29th May

Free practice for everyone

Friday 30th May

pro practice from 10 am to 6 pm

19h00 20h40 Qualification BMX Flat Pro

Saturday 31st May

open practice from 10 am to 4 Pm

17:40 20h40 Qualification BMX Amateur + Master

Sunday 1st June

10h40 11h10 Final BMX Am

11h20 11h40 Final BMX Master

13h00 14h00 Final BMX Pro

The flatland area will be located at the same spot than last years, in the middle of the festival!


Pro Qualifications:
One run of 2min 30sec
Am and Master Qualifications:
One run of 2min
Am and Master Finals:
one run of 2min 30 sec
Pro Finals:

Like last year:
12 riders make the cut from qualifications. They will fight for the F.I.S.E title in a one to one battle “Red Bull Circle of Balance” style.

Seeding System:

Round 1:
Battle 1 Q6 vs Q7
Battle 2 Q5 vs Q8
Battle 3 Q4 vs Q9
Battle 4 Q3 vs Q10
Battle 5 Q2 vs Q11
Battle 6 Q1 vs Q12

Each riders has his own clock. and can use his time (2min) the way he wants.
Example: riders A starts his combo. His clock starts. When riders A finishes his combo, he raises his hands. His clock stops while riders B clocks starts. Rider B has to start his combo as quick as possible so he doesn’t waste his time. When rider B is done riding, he raises his hand so his clock stops and riders A clock starts. etc etc.
When there is only 10 sec left on the clock, riders can’t stop their time anymore, and they have to finish their combo before the buzzer. Any tricks not completed after the buzzer will not count.
The decision will be made by the judges with flags (black and red).
The riders who win make it to the semi final. The riders who lose is automatically out.
Same system for the semi-final, but 2min 30 on the clock.

There will be a 3 mens final: Each rider will have two runs of 1 min and a last tricks of 30 sec.

Prize money: 5000€ (6500US$)

1st place: 1700€ (2200 US$)
2nd place: 1000€ (1300 US$)
3rd place: 800€ (1050 US$)
4: 300€ (400 US$)
5: 300€ (400 US$)
6: 300€ (400 US$)
7: 100€ (130 US$)
8: 100€ (130 US$)
9: 100€ (130 US$)
10: 100€ (130 US$)
11: 100€ (130 US$)
12: 100€ (130 US$)

Alex and Matthias really wanted to reward every single riders who make it to the finals.
There will be good prizes for the amateur qualified in the final, (A Go-pro for both of the winner in Amateur and Master) and many more!

It’s a big honor for us to announce that Mr ALEXIS DESOLNEUX will be the head judges this year, strong rider with a long experience he was for Matthias and Alex the number 1 choice to make sure that the 1st stop of the 2014 world circuit will be at his best also in term of ranking .

We’re finalizing the other judges. There will be 4 judges for all class qualif and final and 5 judges with flag for the pro final .

The pro flatland final will be live on the FISE web cast and live on the french TV channel MCS extreme.

Registration fees is gonna be 50 euro for pro and 20 euro for master and amateur .

There is still plenty of hotel available around the city of Montpellier so hurry to booked a room before the prices gets to bad .

You can fly from all over the world to MARSEILLE airport and then take a train or you can take a 2 h train from PARIS.
Montpellier main train station is only a few block from the FISE.

We hope to see you all in FRANCE to celebrate BMX at his best in one of the most crowed comps of the year .

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail ( or (

You can find even more details and register on the FISE website: or the FISE app available on your smartphone!”


Alex Jumelin/Matthias Dandois.