Rad Girls BMX Flatland 2020

I have been super busy the last two weeks putting together the Flatmattersonline Year End Awards, so on my breaks it’s good to watch something a little different to freshen things up. Paula Marie in this insistence came through with this amazing edit documenting the growing female flatland scene in 2020, and had this to say:

“2020 was a tough year to say the least. But, in the chaos and fallout that we are still experiencing we have a lot to be grateful for. Just stop for a moment, each day, and give pause. Be mindful of your surroundings, and of yourself. Mindfulness has many times been proven to be effective in over all wellbeing. It’s benefits preached and practiced for millenniums now. So if you’re having a hard time, don’t forget it’s ok to just stop and pause in the moment to breath. Or go ride. Many riders will tell you riding is a form of meditation. You must clear your mind of all distractions and focus your attention to the moment. We are all grateful for the riding that we did in 2020, and we are all grateful for every moment afterwards that we have. Here are some of our favourite Rad Girls of 2020.”

4 thoughts on “Rad Girls BMX Flatland 2020

  1. woOw
    it’s been loooongtime I didn’t feel such joy watching a flatland video
    So glad you selected that vid Effraim!!
    Editing is so good, smiles, joy of riding and cool tricks are presented so so well, that makes me feel very enthousiactic and happy! Amazing video for sure!!
    Thank you very much Paula for doing this and big props and respect to all the females riders out there!!

  2. This is really nice. A lot of new names from Japan! So many young riders. I hope they will make their way. Props and keep on riding!

  3. RAD, TIMES 7 !! They’re ALL so damn good / skilled , with lots of various styles and techniques going on with their riding . Great choice of an edit to post , E !! Mad respect to every woman shredding in this edit ! The women’s BMX Flatland GLOBAL scene is stronger than ever in 2021 ! STOKED to see THAT !

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