Matti Hemmings & Mark Walters take top honours: UK BMX Flatland League Round 1

It’s been a great day at Round 1 of the UK BMX Flatland League in Leicester. Congratulations to Matti Hemmings who took first place in the Pro Class, followed by James White coming out of contest retirement and looking like he’s never been out of the contest scene, and rounding out the podium, Martin Drazil all the way from Prague!
* I have the top three Pro runs, and will post up this coming week. Stay tuned!

In the Am Class, former TGM local Mark Walters hitchhiked his way to first place followed by Matthew Dyer better known as Denny, bar spin backwards infinity roll lit the crowd up, in third place Steve Rooke, a face I haven’t seen in a hell of a long time. Full results below, big thanks to Alex and Keelan for hosting the event and getting everyone together.

Matti Hemmings.
James White.
Martin Drazil.
Amos Burke.
Dino Jeffers.
Murat Ozdemir.
Miguel Pargas.
Michal Piettruszewski.

Mark Walters.
Matthew Dyer.
Steve Rooke.
Joseph S.
James Ovens.
Kev Clark.
Morgan Gleave.

5 thoughts on “Matti Hemmings & Mark Walters take top honours: UK BMX Flatland League Round 1

  1. What a fantastic day! An awesome competition amazing vibes good catch up with old faces always a good laugh getting back together.

    Thanks again to Keelan & Alex for organising this looking forward to the next oneā€¦

  2. This SLLLAAAAMMMZ , E . Eager to see those 3 runs you got filmed. Props to Hemmings for the win and White back in the contest mix ? Rad , times 7 . Also being that Drazil is a cat who I’ve been checking out , his mad tech style-switches……that’s gonna be sick seeing his run , too…….and AMMMOOOOSSSS and Jeffers in there , dope. This thing sounded like it went off . Thank you for always doing these repos , E !

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