Watch the Top 3: UK National Championships at the Backyard Jam

Last weekend, the British Cycling National Championships took place at the Backyard Jam taking place at Junction 4 Skatepark in Darwen, Lancashire. Check out the top 3 runs from Matti Hemmings, Lee Musselwhite and James White.

Next stop the UCI World Championships in Glasgow, next week.

Thanks Nic Newman for filming.

Matti Hemmings wins the U.K. National Championships

We just wrapped up the U.K. National Championships at the Backyard jam at Junction 4 Skatepark.

Congratulations to Matti Hemmings, crowned the British Champion followed by Lee Musselwhite and James White on the podium.

Great day for U.K. flatland. The UCI Worlds in Glasgow next up in a couple of weeks, stay tuned for the runs this coming week on Flatmattersonline.

1. Matti Hemmings

2. Lee Musselwhite

3. James White

4. Yinka Thomas

5. Murat Ozadimir

6. Reese Thomason

7. Dino Jeffers

8. Amos Burke

Matti Hemmings & TGM Maz take the top spots at Round 2: U.K. BMX Flatland League

Congratulations to Matti Hemmings and TGM Maz taking the wins in Pro and AM at Round 2 of the U.K. BMX Flatland League at the National Cycling Show at the NEC. Lots of good stuff happening in the U.K. scene right now, onto the Backyard jam next!! Full results below.


1. Matti Hemmings

2. James White

3. Arturo Zamudio

4. Steve Green

5. Murat Ozdemir

6. Aran Gillan

7. Dino Jeffers

8. Dan Margetts

9. Amos Burke


1. TGM Maz

2. Steff Evans

3. James Ovens

4. Simon Hills

5. Steve Rooke

Photos: U.K. BMX Flatland League.

Matti Hemmings & Mark Walters take top honours: UK BMX Flatland League Round 1

It’s been a great day at Round 1 of the UK BMX Flatland League in Leicester. Congratulations to Matti Hemmings who took first place in the Pro Class, followed by James White coming out of contest retirement and looking like he’s never been out of the contest scene, and rounding out the podium, Martin Drazil all the way from Prague!
* I have the top three Pro runs, and will post up this coming week. Stay tuned!

In the Am Class, former TGM local Mark Walters hitchhiked his way to first place followed by Matthew Dyer better known as Denny, bar spin backwards infinity roll lit the crowd up, in third place Steve Rooke, a face I haven’t seen in a hell of a long time. Full results below, big thanks to Alex and Keelan for hosting the event and getting everyone together.

Matti Hemmings.
James White.
Martin Drazil.
Amos Burke.
Dino Jeffers.
Murat Ozdemir.
Miguel Pargas.
Michal Piettruszewski.

Mark Walters.
Matthew Dyer.
Steve Rooke.
Joseph S.
James Ovens.
Kev Clark.
Morgan Gleave.

Repo: TGM Jam 2022

Repo + Photos: Effraim, Matti Hemmings, Miguel Pargas.

It’s hard not to get nostalgic going back to The Green Mile, it turns out it’s been 5-6 years since I was last at this legendary riding spot for the UK flatland scene (search TGM on the sidebar of the website to see what I am talking about.
Yinka Thomas threw down a jam last weekend, with the help of Jason Forde and my schedule was for once free so attending the jam was a no brainer.
The forecast wasn’t looking too great, but it was worth the risk as it os October after all you just never know. As it turns out the weather forecast was pretty much bang on, with two heavy showers throughout the day enough for the ground not to dry all day.

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UK Flatland Championships News!

It’s a lot of work holding a contest, Matti Hemmings just dropped this Press release announcing the UK Flatland Championships will not be on in 2020. Read on…

“UK Flatland BMX Championships won’t be taking place in 2020. I’ve decided to take a break away from running this contest and to focus on other things. Its not the end just time out to work on personal goals and achievements. I’d like to give a massive thanks to all riders that have supported the contest over the 8 years without your support it wouldn’t be the contest it is now its come along way since it started loads of good memory’s and laughs.”

Thanks again guys

Matti Hemmings

Repo: Sport Zone Veresegyház Contest

Text: Rob Alton.

On November 24th we held our second major contest at Sport Zone Veresegyház. I worked really hard to improve on last year’s contest in all departments. Thanks to our main sponsors Magnetic, IPF Corner, DMKER, Elite BMX Shop and Sport Zone we raised 1000 Euro for Pro purse. I hoped it would help bring some top Pro’s here and it did! We had 12 Pro riders from 6 countries, including the kids and Amateur riders a total of 34 competitors!
Róbert Völler “Minerboy” our live DJ was running the rider routines which made my day a lot easier. We also added new podiums and sponsor wall for the prize giving.

I split School Class into A and B classes, because there is a good step up now from the kids who are really practicing a lot. Recent contests in Hungary have really helped to motivate them. The B class was great to see as some of the kids have only been riding 5-6 weeks and still wanted to take part. Emma Kriston one of two girls at the school got second place! There is a separate video for each category on Youtube.

School Class A

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Amateur & Pro – Sport Zone Verseny 2018 Highlights

With Sevisual behind the lens and Rob Alton on editing duties, here is the AM and Pro highlights video from the Sport Zone Verseny contest the other week over in Hungary with great riding from the likes of Dominik Nekolny, Martin Drazil, Matti Hemmings, Keelan Philips, Fülöp Vidakovich, and many more. Great to see grassroots events like these being so well attended, this looked like a lot of fun including the longest mega spin contest. Anyone dizzy?