9 year old Patrik pulls his first Decade

Congratulations to 9 year old Patrik, who is one of Rob Alton’s students out in Hungary. Rob tells all below, enjoy the video!

“9 year old Patrik pulls his first Decade!!!

Patrik joins the very few kids under 10 years old around the world who can do this trick! After more than 1000 tries over 13 days he got it & 3 more!

In this video you can join him during his last battle to finally get it with more than 200 tries! This is the last part not the long version!

It takes hard work, patience, determination, concentration and believing you can do it. At just 9 years old this an amazing attitude, RESPECT to you Patrik!”

Vienna Jam 2019 by Sevisual

VIENNA JAM 2019 from Sebastian Grubinger on Vimeo.

A friday treat for us all!
The annual Vienna Jam during the Argus Bike Festival at Vienna’s Rathausplatz is growing each year. Tom Sevisual was on hand to document the weekend, and by the look of it this was an absolutely amazing weekend including a contest, workshops helping kids, cash for tricks jams and plenty of happy faces. Keep a look out for Viki Gomez’s bike flip line at 2:16 is amazing! Big up Sebastian Grubinger and everyone who worked on the Vienna Jam, this is awesome!

Repo: Sport Zone Veresegyház Contest

Text: Rob Alton.

On November 24th we held our second major contest at Sport Zone Veresegyház. I worked really hard to improve on last year’s contest in all departments. Thanks to our main sponsors Magnetic, IPF Corner, DMKER, Elite BMX Shop and Sport Zone we raised 1000 Euro for Pro purse. I hoped it would help bring some top Pro’s here and it did! We had 12 Pro riders from 6 countries, including the kids and Amateur riders a total of 34 competitors!
Róbert Völler “Minerboy” our live DJ was running the rider routines which made my day a lot easier. We also added new podiums and sponsor wall for the prize giving.

I split School Class into A and B classes, because there is a good step up now from the kids who are really practicing a lot. Recent contests in Hungary have really helped to motivate them. The B class was great to see as some of the kids have only been riding 5-6 weeks and still wanted to take part. Emma Kriston one of two girls at the school got second place! There is a separate video for each category on Youtube.

School Class A

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2018 Veres BMX JAM – 11th March

Rob Alton is doing some great grassroots work for the Hungarian flatland scene. The next Veres BMX Jam is scheduled for the 11th March. Plenty of fun events for all to get involved in, join the FB page. (link below:)

Kids Categories
16” Speed Track
Pit stop
180 Bar Spin

20” Speed Track
360 Bar Spin

Bunny Hop
Pinky Squeak
Mega Spin Battle

Best front wheel Trick Master and Pro Categories
Best back wheel trick Master and Pro Categories

Follow the Veres FB page:


Throwback Thursdays – UKBFA Contest Carlisle 1989

Nice one from the archives today for this weeks TBT. We go back to 1989 and the UKBFA National in Carlisle, Sean Clarke, yours truly Effraim Catlow, Liam Ward, Rob Alton, surfer king Nick Galway, Ian Coy, Mike O’Connell, Gareth Swan, Lee Clarke, David Frame, David Blundell, Mark Noble, John Yull and Gary Neale. Really enjoyed this trip down memory lane, thanks to Neil Waddington for this one.

Veres BMX Jam – March 11th 2017

Veres BMX Jam March 11th 2017 from Sport Zone on Vimeo.

The first BMX Flatland Jam went down this past weekend at the new multipurpose sports room Sport Zone in Veresegyhaáz, Hungary. Owned and hosted by Andrea and Rob Alton, hit play for a great edit by Sevisual featuring Rob Alton, Peter Miklosi, Pal Gyenes, Balazs Csaszar, Denes Katona, Tamas Varga, Csaba Bozso, and many more. Good vibes from Hungary, well done Rob!

Highest Bunny Hop: Gyenes Pal
Most Whiplashes: Katona Denes
Most Pinky Squeaks: Császar Balázs
Best front wheel combo: Miklósi Peter
Best back wheel combo: Bordás Ákos
Longest Mega Spin: Gyenes Pal

Rob had this to say: “Sport Zone Veresegyhaz is a new project for me and my wife. It’s a multipurpose sport room where we will have BMX Flatland club/workshops, circus arts, gymnastics and all kinds of workshops. I would like to let the European Flatland Community know that I would happy to hold any International contests or Jams here. As I said we were 17 people and it was fine in Jam format. The space about 120m2 with OSB floor. So if anyone is interested let me know (via FB)!”

Sponsors: Flatland Fuel, ODI, Velvart, 4pegs, Monster Energy, Vocal and Customriders.

BMX Vienna Jam goes Wiener Fahrradschau – The Movie

Great edit by Sevisual of the annual Vienna jam which this year took place at the Wiener Fahrradschau as part of a bicycle exhibition last weekend. Nothing but good vibes with Sebastian Grubinger, Viki Gomez, Mates Tucek, Sietse Van Berkel, Rob Alton and many more, also great to see some flatland tuition going down. Really enjoyed this, and no doubt you will to!

Old School Sundays – UKBFA Contest Carlisle 1989

BFA Contest Carlisle 1989 flat from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

You might deem this mid school sundays, but whatever it’s pretty old and features a ton some classic footage from Sean and Clarke, yours truly Effraim Catlow, Liam Ward, Rob Alton, Nick Galway, Ian Coy, Mike O’Connell, Gareth Swan, David Frame, David Blundell, Mark Noble, John Yull, at the UKBFA National in Carlisle, 1989 right as the rolling and scuffing era were combining with a ton of Kevin Jones influence coming into flat.