9 year old Patrik pulls his first Decade

Congratulations to 9 year old Patrik, who is one of Rob Alton’s students out in Hungary. Rob tells all below, enjoy the video!

“9 year old Patrik pulls his first Decade!!!

Patrik joins the very few kids under 10 years old around the world who can do this trick! After more than 1000 tries over 13 days he got it & 3 more!

In this video you can join him during his last battle to finally get it with more than 200 tries! This is the last part not the long version!

It takes hard work, patience, determination, concentration and believing you can do it. At just 9 years old this an amazing attitude, RESPECT to you Patrik!”

3 thoughts on “9 year old Patrik pulls his first Decade

  1. This is so rad. Love that he put in the work and dedication to learning it! Keep that work ethic, young man, you’ll go far.

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