1994 BS Comp Hoffman Bikes OKC

Rolling back to 1994 right here, with a good one from the BS Comp archives. Oklahoma 1994 FT the likes of James McGraw, Jason Brown R.I.P, Andrew Arroyo, Lionel Cardoso, Dennis McCoy, Sean McKinney, James White, Albert Retey, and more mixed in with park footage. Enjoyed this one, and you made do too…

3 thoughts on “1994 BS Comp Hoffman Bikes OKC

  1. I remember that comp well! James White did the longest back wheel combo! On the dusty contest area, Leo said look at James and he did ever back wheel trick, still burns a spot in my head, The UK Jones!

  2. REALLY stoked on this ! Three , in my looooong list of all time favorite riders… just BUSTING OUT their lines in O.K.C. , I was there in 94 and 95 ! @ 1.25 MINUTES , Rob TEX Thayer ! @ 4.35 MINUTES , Andrew DREW Arroyo and @ 11.32 MINUTES , Jason Brown R.I.P…….even the ELITE French rider , Lionel Cardosa , one of the first riders to nail caboose , body varial to PEDAL spinning ice cream , BACK THEN ……is in this edit ! ALSO …….Jay Miron showing ya his dope flatland skills , BEFORE he tore it up in the VERT comp . Thanks for this upload Mid School BMX / Effraim ! I REALLY appreciate it………….

  3. I was there 94 AND 95 , both years ! @ 7.59 minutes ……JUMP lashes , in the mix of another intense , on the fly ,freestyled link by the Guru of long combos and flat out freestyling on both wheels …..Jason Brown , r.i.p. ,RULED on his bike this entire Labor Day weekend . In 1995 during prelims……..he laced up a n inside circle junk yard to DOUBLE decade…..to END a combo …..Canada’s most CORE Flatlander / leader !

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