Classic Mondays: Props Groundwork

Props Groundwork is 20 years old and a certified classic in any flatlanders collection. Claybom is on it with uploads this week, I was so stoked when this popped up the other day.

Sections from Brian Tunney, Leif Valin, Brian Rybak, Chase Gouin, Dylan Worsley, Nate Hansen, Akira Okamura, Chad Degroot, Aaron Behnke, Mike S, James White, and Dan Rigby.

7 thoughts on “Classic Mondays: Props Groundwork

  1. I haven’t seen this with the original music since I had VCR. I watched this so many times BITD. Do kids re-watch videos in 2020?

  2. Ha, good question… A true classic! Besides of the super nice sections from all riders here I think the Dan Rigby part is one of the most beautiful pieces of flatland of all time. The music fits so well and his tricks are so smooth and at the same time super difficult even today. It is so interesting to see from a modern perspective that he did not pump after these hard switches and he seem not to need it because he can balance even if he goes slowly and still can go on to the next link. This is a way of riding that is just not present anymore (not saying pumping was bad in any way, I just find it interesting). The last combo with the switch footed steamroller to varial to hitchhiker. Could a link be more beautiful?

  3. The Rigby section has really made a huge impact on me. I learnt the varials because of it a few years ago and I’m still working on some stuff that Dan did to this day. It all went from “I’m going to learn that, so that by the end of the summer, I can do something different with it” very quickly to “In five years hopefully I’ll be able to do the varials like that” and finally “Fuck it, I’ll take any of it. If people can look at my riding and maybe see that I like Dan Rigby’s then that’s probably the best I can hope for”. I never appreciated how good Dan was until I started learning some of that stuff and saw how long much effort it took to learn to even just pull one of those backwheel switches one time.

    Overall, discovering the Weakerthans and this riding on one day was a pretty significant moment for me.

    I actually ordered a new frame yesterday so I can do some of the death truck stuff. Bit of a pipe dream right now seeing as I’m not riding much this year. Too busy.

    I’m rambling…

    Anyway – It’s definitely my favourite section of all time by far. I’ve ridden many sessions to Watermark on repeat and pondered every word in every line of every lyric.

    Hold on to the corners of today
    And we’ll fold it up to save until it’s needed
    Stand still, let me scrub that brackish line
    That you got when something rose and then receded

    If I’m being honest, I’ve had some pretty dark moments for a few years back there and somehow, listening to that song helped. I never questioned why, I just went with it. Listening to that song on repeat, trying to keep my heels from hitting the spokes as I searched for that one successful pivot among the duds. I found reasons to keep going. I had Dan’s section downloaded onto my phone and I watched it a few times a day just trying to absorb something from it. It gave me the energy to go out there late at night and do it again.

  4. Wow ! Loved reading your comment , Paul . I didn’t see it as rambling at all , bruva ……if was honest….. and to me , a really interesting , informative comment about your admiration , and journey learning , analyzing some of Dans techniques , concepts during his classic / innovative section in the video . Add the fact you discovering some good , motivational music …..well , Id say the whole thing was a learning experience on AND off your bike , a good thing . Having followed your riding since your Inertia bike company days , you busting your signature crack packer , pull through between the legs , bar flip to the pedals …..the way you were ending your super smooooooth all rolling combos , around mid 2005 …..I gladly say your riding has always been dope and fun to watch . I instantly started taking more notice of it upon seeing your split video section with two other riders in Flat-T.V. , I think it was volume 6 . Plus …..Chris Job always gave you your props , back in the Ride BMX U.K. magazine days ! For me it was Akira Okamura , like Rigby …..his section was SLLLLLAAAAAMMMED , and very progressive ! His cross tea kettle , jump up , landing to a crack packer , and that around the world , hitchhiker line were just MINT , to me !! Dans section was a stand out , though ! His friggin bar small cross tomahawk , pivoted / dropped to spinning hitchhiker , instantly juggled to switch hand steam …..BONKERS , TIMES 7…….I still remember mi amigo , Oscar Renae Garcia the 3rd , legend flatlander from Laredo T.X. , used to ride with Dennis Mc coy in Kansas city , way back in 1989 ……he and I watched Ground Works to hype us up before a late night riding session , after he had arrived in San Antonio on a Saturday night . We would session EVERY Saturday night and all day Sunday , from like 1997 to 2005ish , hahaha . we were both in awe throughout the entire video …..really , really rad times with that cat ! Anyway ….I fully agree Paul , this entire film was beyond inspirational with cutting edge riding in it……..that STILL hold MUCH weight……TODAY !! I appreciate this post , thanks Claybom , I think he uploaded it ? Of course , thanks , Big -E , and again …..loved your comment , Paul , good stuff , man…………..

    • Rodney, thanks for your words mate. I think we all hope to be able to sustain your level of passion as we grow as riders. I really appreciate what you wrote.

      I do also think Akira’s section was amazing – but Akira’s one hit big switches are so crazy. I’ve never looked at them and even imagined that I could do any. Overall, my favourite person to ever have ridden with is Akira. He has really returned to flatland 100% in the past few years and has so many crazy ideas again.

  5. Nah, no ramberling Paul, l see your enthusiasm, just as in Rodney to. I watch certain vid’s just like that, and try to learn & many times l come up with my own twist & or new trick etc.

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