Distancing 2

Last week, Jason Forde invited me along with Keelan Philips, Mizo, Thomas Loison, Yinka Thomas, Amos Burke, and a few others to film two clips in a week. This was a good chance for me to try and push myself a little bit further as I return from an injury that was caused due to mechanical errors caused a crash.Stoked to be involved involved in this project, heres what Jason Forde the man behind the project had to say:

“A series of flatland BMX edits created during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Social distancing meant that we were not able to ride together as much as we would like too.These videos are made to bring us together, to share our riding clips and to motivate each other.

Riders were selected at random and given a time limit to record a fresh/new riding clip that has never used on social media.
We all had different issues to deal with while trying to get the selected clips.

I myself had to deal with my riding areas being closed off / locked or to small, dusty or trying to find the time to (while I was still working as an essential) record, early morning and late evenings for days on end.

I actually landed my clip (a link that I have never been able to complete before and always failing at the last hurdle) an hour before the deadline and struggled to walk afterwards due to injuries and exhaustion, then I would need to get home and edit.

Clips have been edited by myself, and even the music tracks have been created by a rider.

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I enjoyed making them and appreciate the effort that has gone into them.
I want to give a big thank you to all the riders that have taken part
More to come….



5 thoughts on “Distancing 2

  1. ..Glad i have finally “made it” into Flatmatters with a clip that isn’t 25 years old :)…///extra points for being featured alongside Amos and yourself … Again a million thanks to everyone involved.

  2. This edit is rad , TIMES 7 ! Dope lines being busted by every rider , with an intense tune that goes well all their combos . Im digging the lines a lot , riders flowing through things like……stick -b to death truck , turbine steam -Dave dusters , pedal cowboy squeaks dropped to half hikers , smooth hiker jugglers , nose manual drop down to turbine half hikers , hang five to bar spin , stem rangs , etc ,etc …..the riding by EVERYONE really SLLLAAAAMMMZ in this !! I appreciate Jays brainstorm to rally all these SUPERB U.K. cats to thrown down on their bikes . Thanks for this , campeons ! Ya can really see that all of yalls PROGRESSION hasn’t slowed down one tiny bit, across the pond …….

  3. Loved the first trick, bar spin straight out, different & original. I’ll try them. Also good to see death trucks and scuffing stick b’s are still being done. Thanks to all.

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