Official OneLoveJam 2013 Edit

OneLoveJam2013 Edit from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Plenty of OneLove jam coverage this weekend, heres the Official edit and the word from Darin Wright.

“This is the 3rd annual OneLoveJam. You cant beat riding in January period. This year we raffled off 10 bags of swag, and last year bunnyhop champion came back to take the win again!
Big thanks to all our sponsors, and a big shoutout to Primo,John(TM), and Fano for providing refreshments and a smokers lounge.
We will see you next year!

10 thoughts on “Official OneLoveJam 2013 Edit

  1. There are so many awesome edits from OneLoveJam2013. Im stoked! Mark your calendar for our 4th annual jam next year!
    OneLoveJam is held every year in January on MLK weekend.
    See you there!

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