Must Watch! York Uno FlatWebTV Interview

York Uno FlatWebTV Interview from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.

What a treat to wake up to this Friday morning!

“Legendary Japanese Flatlander York Uno sat down for a rare interview with FlatWebTV’s Anthony at the end of 2012 to talk about everything from his riding, to his work at Ares Bikes to his dedication to mentoring the next generation of Japanese flatlanders. Kick back and enjoy!”

11 thoughts on “Must Watch! York Uno FlatWebTV Interview

  1. Brilliant, and as Anthony said a “rare” interview…. Great grassroots understanding to not only improve future generations, but the 16″ makes perfect sense for growth of Ares Bykes for the future. Would love to easily be able to get hold of Ares tyres, always seems a mission. Good work, Anthony and York! Great start to the day! Very inspiring!

  2. yeah, that “pro interview series”‘ seems to be a very good “concept”!!
    In that case, having York Uno speaking in japanese while there are subtitles is a very good idea and bring a nice touch!!
    Props to flatwebtv!! hope you guys will succeed by having more people like York Uno unterviewed!

  3. @R, thanks. The subtitling is tough, I give my wife so much stress during the translation process, but I love having riders speak in their native language to make them more comfortable.

    York has definitely got good ideas on how to grow flatland. It starts by being inclusive and accessible. There’s no drama in Japan, no silly bickering…and what you get is an incredible riding community…and what do you know, the greatest concentration of skilled riders in the world. That’s no coincidence.

  4. great job!i enjoyed this :)!one of the riders i looked up to from when i started riding,and he is still riding… york will ride forever!so inspiring!

  5. Anthony, awesome interview! Your comment about having the riders speak in their native language is such a great perspective. Ever since 99 or 2000 when the Japanese riders started emerging on the scene, I knew these guys were something special. Great to have an interview with York who was one of the first on the scene. Wish one day to make it to Japan, absolutely love the culture.

  6. @Anthony : sorry, but that’s not true when you said “There’s no drama in Japan, no silly bickering”, as a example just ask to York Uno to tell you why/how Hotoke is not in the Ares Team anymore. I really would like you say only positive things about Japan, but unfortunately it’s not the case on that point.

  7. @R, about the bickering. True, there’s some, it’s unavoidable, I’m just comparing it to the amount we seem to have here in the States. From my perspective in my travels over there, it’s just far far less than we have here.

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