8 thoughts on “Todd Carter: Best of 2023

  1. I still remember the watching Texas Toast 2012 ,contest footage and seeing Todd going through some sick front and back wheel lines , just ruling……thinking EXPERT ? This cat is obviously PRO material. Over the years Carter has stay steady shredding on his bike . @ events , contest , on social media . His effortless rolling lines are Bill Neuman smooth and always dope to watch . ( even better in person ! ) Carter is super cool and with all the sweet A.F.A video footage that he uploads . ( ALOT of it stuff I’ve wanted to see for decades . ) Running events ……representing , working in a church ( mad respect on THAT ! ) and being an awesome father / family man………..he’s STILL dishing out the rad rolling reps that readily rule . Elbow glides , BOTH sides , Jumeli-pump cliffs , sewing up clean whiplashes regular , downside , in tight circles , to hang fives , to hitchhikers ……he makes it all looks as easy as pouring a beverage into a BOWL. Sick 2023 edit , bruva…..your BMX Dojo is treating you very well.

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