5 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: Throwing Down For FM Line Of The Year 2023

  1. Thank you , TIMES 7 Big-E for letting me in this part of the contest and posting my entry video . I REALLY appreciate this . The contenders have dropped some MENTAL lines , every one of these cats RULE . So for this line I purposely threw in some harder tricks , flips , and variations like Straddle-Kerry-Ks , 360 Cobain flips , pedal stance ,bar flip E-squeaks , Cobain bar hop flips , etc ,etc…..with the hard tricks AND length of the combo . ( 34 minutes is STILL a super long line. ) I feel that I have a shot @ this title . Linking ANY level of tricks over the 5 minute mark is a whole other level of difficulty . Both physically and mentally . It’s another level of Flatland riding all together . Trust me on this . Try it and see just what I’m talking about. I really hope all the readers consider that and actually watch the entire combo. I’m STOKED to get in on this , I’m ALL ABOUT lines and combos and again ……HUGE thank you to you , Effraim , JESUS ( for making this possible , literally doing all the work in this combo ! ) and every rider .reader on this site ……..FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM ….

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