Sebastian Grubinger: Never Lost But Found

Sebastian hit me up this morning, asking what he would do with this footage. Put it out on Instagram and Youtube I replied. Here’s what Sebastian had to say:

“Recently found a CD with old files on at home. Surprisingly riding clips I totally forgot about. Not sure what what we filmed for back then. Must have been around 2005/06. Filmed by Markus Redlberger in Linz(A), Ajka(H) and Vienna. Good times & great memories!”

Hang 5 Podcast Episode 43: Yu Shoji

Francois over at Hang 5 Podcast just dropped episode 43 with Japanese powerhouse, Yu Shoji!

“For this episode, I sat down with a 22 years old Japanese shredder taking the contest scene by storm. He is the 2023 pro flatland champion and currently sitting in 3rd place in this year’s ranking. He calls Moto Sasaki his mentor. Rides both front and backwheel. Does a whole bunch of crazy jumps. He is a ball of energy and yet shows a high level of maturity. This is a bit of a short episode taped while we were in Montreal for Urban Games in late March. I give you Mr Yu Shoji.”

Jean William Prevost wins Stop 1 of the American BMX Flatland League in Las Vegas + Full Results

The Vegas stop of the American BMX Flatland League popped off yesterday, congratulations to all the winners Jean William Prevost, Bryan Huffman, Dillon Parada, Donovan Santos, Ronnie Martensen, and Kaleb Bach. Great to see some new names in the mix, great work from the Vegas Flatland Association, judges and everyone behind the scenes that make contests work. Thanks to Todd Carter for the podium shots and results, check the American BMX Flatland League Facebook page for the contest runs.


  1. Jean William Prevóst
  2. Terry Adams
  3. Mickey Gaidos
  4. Ahmed Johnson
  5. Dax Wolford
  6. Jean Francois Bouillanne
  7. Art Thomason
  8. Omari Cato
  9. Bobby Burge
  10. Cesar Rangel


1. Bryan Huffman

2. Todd Carter

3. Francois Debroux

4. Larry Grinder

5. Kelly Baldwin


1. Dillon Parada

2. Matt Clark

3. Russell Gish

4. Ezra Patterson

5. Julio Cotto

Old is Cool.

1. Donovan Santos

2. Alvin Crain

3. Mark Johnson

4. Paul Magallanez

5. Gary Laurent

6. Keith Rieben

7. Gary Clark


1. Ronnie Martensen

2. Monique Baldwin

3. Christiana Neves

4. Joel Munday

17 & Under.

1 . Kaleb Bach

2. Brooklyn Crain