Must Watch: Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson in the Andes Mountains

Jean William Prevost aka Dub puts together an absolute classic, with two of the best in the game, Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson on their home turf’s. His description is perfect so not much need for myself to add anything other than this is worth watching on your tv screens at home. Flatland BMX lifestyle to the fullest!

“Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson hold a special bond. Both share a passion for flatland that is hard to find at that level in the mountainous area they inhabit, they live pretty close to eachother except for the towering Andes mountains that separate their cities Santiago and Mendoza. They’ve been taking this 8 hour bus ride that crosses the sight of the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas every time they feel for the motivation of riding with a real one. 15 years later they still motivate each other to keep pushing. This video will show them riding in a short mixed session together but also host a solo part for each on their own spots in Mendoza, Argentina and Santiago, Chile.”


Chimera A-Side Final: Yu Katagiri vs Yu Shoji

The Chimera A Side competition in Osaka Japan went off last weekend, the final in particular was absolutely ridiculous. With the 2023 UCI World Champion Yu Shoji going head to head with the winner of X Games & Flatark, Yu Katagiri. You don’t want to miss this, I recorded this off the Chimera A side instagram for all those that missed it. Enjoy!

Yu Katagiri & Carin Hommura take the win at Chimera A-side

The Chimera A-side contest in Japan earlier today did not disappoint, heavy line up and heavy riding on the contest floor!

Yu Katagiri was on fire as always, nailing his 360 bikeflip line in the final battle vs Yu Shoji who took second. And Yu Yamamoto in the third place podium position beating Kio Hayakawa.

In the Women’s Class, Carin Hommura dominated and took a well deserved win, followed by Ao Ogawa and Sona Yoshimura ended up in third place.

What an event, level up. Talk about starting 2024 with a bang!

Must Watch: Matsudo Year End Jam 2023

It’s an annual tradition, right at the end of the year the Matsudo locals throw down a jam at their infamous riding spot. Infamous through the Moto Sasaki videos (who sadly isn’t on this one).

As always there is a great variety of riding styles on offer here, some of the highlights of the edit for me are: Takahiro Ikeda two footed spinning death truck body varial out at 1:12, Wild x-up spinning lawnmower body varial to two footed x-foot backyard line at 4:58 by Ren Oshima, Varo Hernandez front to back wheel line at 7:19, Yu Shoji’s Xft opposite hang 5 to xft halfpacker line is amazing around the 7:56 mark, and Ren gets the banger at 8:27.

The flatland community waits for this edit every year, and I guess we should include this in the year end awards talk as it falls in 2023.
Thank you Jimalog, and all the riders involved in this annual jam!
Don’t sleep on this one!

CHIMERA A-SIDE presents – BMX FLATLAND 1st Round

Chimera A-Side run a dialled set up, check out this awesome edit featuring footage from all classes. Next round is fast approaching this month, I’m mid FM awards mode so am still catching up on some edits that I have missed along the way. Don’t sleep on this one.

Viki Gomez: 20 years sponsored by Red Bull

Congratulations to Viki Gomez, one of the flatland all time greats on celebrating 20 years on Red Bull!

Here’s what Viki had to say:

“Started my journey with Red Bull in 2003 after winning the Red Bull Circle of Balance World Championships. Now, 20 years later and after six World Championships, three NORA Cups, 70 countries and many other great achievements that I am thankful for!
I wanted to give a tribute to the brand that have given me wings and still do!
Thank you Red Bull and everyone who I met along the way. Let’s go for Year 21 !!!
Thank you GGM image & SEVISUAL for this epic surprise.”