James White: 2nd Place Pro / UK BMX Flatland League

One of the highlights of Round 1 of the UK BMX Flatland League in Leicester was the return of James White to the contest scene. Despite being bullied into entering, James it seemed had more fun than anyone else and took a well earned second place finish.
Enjoy both his runs, including his commentary.

Matti Hemmings: First Place Pro / UK BMX Flatland League

Matti Hemmings took first place in the Pro Class at Round 1 of the UK BMX Flatland League this past weekend in Leicester. Check out both of his runs right here, thanks to Nic Newman and Matthew Dyer for filming.

Stay tuned for more footage from this event throughout this week.

Matti Hemmings & Mark Walters take top honours: UK BMX Flatland League Round 1

It’s been a great day at Round 1 of the UK BMX Flatland League in Leicester. Congratulations to Matti Hemmings who took first place in the Pro Class, followed by James White coming out of contest retirement and looking like he’s never been out of the contest scene, and rounding out the podium, Martin Drazil all the way from Prague!
* I have the top three Pro runs, and will post up this coming week. Stay tuned!

In the Am Class, former TGM local Mark Walters hitchhiked his way to first place followed by Matthew Dyer better known as Denny, bar spin backwards infinity roll lit the crowd up, in third place Steve Rooke, a face I haven’t seen in a hell of a long time. Full results below, big thanks to Alex and Keelan for hosting the event and getting everyone together.

Matti Hemmings.
James White.
Martin Drazil.
Amos Burke.
Dino Jeffers.
Murat Ozdemir.
Miguel Pargas.
Michal Piettruszewski.

Mark Walters.
Matthew Dyer.
Steve Rooke.
Joseph S.
James Ovens.
Kev Clark.
Morgan Gleave.

The Jam Circle Practise & Pro Battle Footage

A lot of coverage from the recent Jam Circle contest in Houston, Texas. But this is without a doubt, the most comprehensive at 4:30, uncut practise footage plus the battles. Unfortunately, the battery went on the final battle. Thanks Brandon Woldridge for this amazing coverage, I will be checking this one when I have some spare time!

AFA Round 1: April 22nd Tulsa Oklahoma

Anyone else noticing that there are now plenty of great events going down across the pond in the US!
Round 1 of the 2023 AFA series is going down on April 22nd in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the AFA are combining forces with the Hall of Fame to start the year off. Get there if you can!

*As always, keep an eye on up and coming events in our “events” sidebar on the site.

Mickey Gaidos: 40

Every now and then, there’s an edit that slips through the FM firewall, case in point right here with Mickey Gaidos “40” edit.
Mickey documents his return to riding, and particularly the last three years, when you combine Mickey’s editing and riding skills your onto a good thing. Enjoy this one everyone, if you missed it the first time round like me!

Phil Dolan: Flatland Life begins at 40

Bit of a UK flatland scene on the site this week, with Round 1 of the UK Bmx Flatland league taking place in Leicester this weekend. I randomly came across this amazing edit from one of the best to ever do it, Phil Dolan’s “Flatland Life begins at 40” still hits to this day, some amazing figure of eight skills on show right here at the Camden riding spot! Well worth a rewatch or this might be your first time watching!

The Jam Circle 2023 Highlights

It’s still all about the Jam Circle contest here on FM. Check out this amazing highlights edit by the talented Jim McKay that captures all the groups, and the moments/memories on the day!

Big thank you to Jam Circle sponsors: OSO Coffee, Eado Vodka, Neue Creative, The Byke Project, Eden Plant Co., Reklamation Bikes, Flatland Assassins, Flat Society, IGI bmx, Empire bmx, Odyssey, Rockstar Energy Bike Park, Flatland Fuel, Support Live BMX, Coffee & Bikes, Ethic BMX, Four Pegs BMX, Grind Legacy, S&M, Profile Racing.