20 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

  1. This is the man of the moment Effraim…everybody copying the Godfather of flatland..EVERYBODY.Thank you Kevin,my flatland father…

  2. with a deep respect to both of you, this is really not necessary to continue that conversation here. Please!
    (just use emails ?)
    have a nice day!

    • George might not like my opinions but i fully respect that he stands up and saying his thoughts in public…he said that i am his biggest fan with sarcasm but…its true that i am his biggest fan and he doesnt even know it…and there is no sarcasm in my words or irony…honestly.What is happening here r its human and honest and besides talking behind my back George stands brave and opening his heart…i have full of respect to anyone act like that….

      • Hey George & Giannis,

        I would echo what “r” already commented. Sorry I was busy uploading Rob’s Sportzone repo, as you guys were posting back and forth. This really isn’t the place for something that seems like a deep personal beef. I hope in time you guys can sort things out, but as they say in the UK can you not air your laundry on here! Thanks and respect guys!

        • I rarely speak like this,so there is a serious reason. Ive been silent for years,watching everything,all the lies,hypocrisy and sly puns,and open offense,against me and everyone in the Greek scene,and said nothing and all this in public. But tolerance has a limit.Giannis plays the victim so well. If you are deceived ,wake up!You ve been warned people.
          So let this be known to everyone out there.
          The good thing with evil is that is self consumed and self destructive.

          • From the talk we had on the phone for an hour i realised that we have a lot in common with you George…but mostly caring alot about originality and progression.You do your thing and im doing mine but thats all…i hope everythings fine! Take care George…

  3. Pulling Pinky Squeaks on Skyway mags, and then putting the mags in the freezer for 24 hours to straighten them…ahhh the good old days.

  4. Is that actually true about the Skyways Reg? I heard about it back in the day, but l also heard that it’s actually a myth.

      • Hey guys.

        No. We never saw any change. The plastic was temporarily less flexible, but that was it. That didn’t stop us from trying many times during an era where there was no internet, and only monthly BMX Plus. Tough wheel 1s were heavy, strong, and wore out brake pads every week. You would save up to get Kool Stop pads, and be cursing as the color and material traces from the pad were immediately evident on your mags melting like butter in a microwave. I wonder if any other old school boys on here tried the freezer experiment.

        Cheers from N.B. Canada.

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