Old School Sundays – GT BMX Freestyle Team Show / Augusta, GA 1988

The majority of Old School Sunday content seems to come from 1988 when I think about it, today is another one to the list. Enjoy the GT Freestyle Team Show from Augusta Georgia featuring Gary Pollack, Robert Castillo, Martin Aparijo and Billy Swoope.

8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – GT BMX Freestyle Team Show / Augusta, GA 1988

  1. Nice to see Billy Swoope footage. His mother Lynn ran the AFA in Florida and did so much for all of us back then. Like most kids I don’t think we appreciated it enough. I saw the Knoxville stop of this tour, I lived in Florida and was visiting Tennessee for the summer. Martin as always the showman and ambassador. We all loved him. Great post.

    • Yes Lynn did a lot for us back then. I practiced & competed also at these contest and rode with Billy, Kevin & Marlow a lot with the MCS team before Martin, Josh White & Brian Scura was on tour with GT I think in 1987 to Gary’s Bike Shop in North Miami Beach Florida where Martin had Billy & Kevin Sponsorsed onto GT.

      We rode often around Billy’s home practicing pretty steady in Miramar Florida on our off time. I have had no luck contacting Billy at all, by any chance, do you know how I can by any chance? By the way, which contest did you ride? I believe in was Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale was where most contest were held but I recall competing in Key Biscayne & Miami Springs as well. Then we often had shows for the boyscouts.

  2. I have 1988 Gt Show from Howell. NJ. Josh White , Goro Tamei, Billy Swoope and Jason Jeffery. I will have to go through it and edit out the crap

  3. Billy’s family & I were very close in these days riding weekly together when he lived in Miramar Florida together on the MCS Team before Martin, Josh White & Brian Scura came to town I believe in 1987 came on your down to North Miami Beach at Gary’s Bike Shop performing behind the store (like here) where Martin had Billy & Kevin picked up on sponsership by GT. Billy’s mom held all our local contest & MCS Shows prior. Martin came to town office spending days at a time riding with us periodically which was nice.

    Unfortunately this destroyed the MCS Team as we had no one to pull the ramps. Marlow & I were to young. But I have been trying to reach Billy, would you know how I can reach out to him?

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