10 thoughts on “Old School Sundays Part 1 with Lincoln Blacksley!

  1. ^yup
    In light of seeing Lincoln at Battle Vibes, I was explaining to E about my memory of you two seshing hard down Southbank, bitd!!
    This is what led to today’s OSS!
    Ta E

  2. Yeah what a coincidence E!
    Phil is behind the camera for a change in this one, that spot is where i trained him for stardom from about 88′ 😉
    Just getting a new build together E, nothing serious, just some goofing about with DCI White at Bluewater on the horizon..
    That Level Vibes jam has inspired me!

  3. It’s a 20.5 TT Amity bikes frame with everything else set-up for flat, should be a nice all rounder hopefully, can’t wait!:-)

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