Old School Sundays with Mike Cameron

Matthew Dyer sent in this weeks OSS with a great description…

Check out this mix of mike cameron riding over a few years period. I made the video for mike’s 40th birthday about 5 or 6 years ago. Short edit at start then full runs or sections including tv spots. Unfortunately some of this contained copyrighted music etc so it got removed by youtube. So put on some music and enjoy some classic riding from mike- a few tricks on here he invented- the backwards 1 footed framestand (at headtube) the bar hop to 360 body varial, the heelstand- 1 foot (heel) on a dia compe fs 880 brake and stand up no hand 1 footed. Not sure if mike was first doing backwards infinity roll to cherrypicker…. Anyway you get my drift- lots of innovation from mike. Enjoy!”

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