8 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: New Line

  1. Ok, at 58 maybe 59 seconds in looks like a totally fresh switch that I haven’t seen you bust before. Funky chicken then hop 180 body varial with a half bar flip into pedal cowboy,… AND THEN pedal cowboy bar flips?!?! TECH ASSASSIN STEEZ! Way to keep upping your skill level Rodney! The straddle k and pedal cowboy battlefield is your playground. Solid stuff as always brother. Lovin it! Ride on!

    • Thank you , BZ ! I really appreciate the love , campeon . The switch hand wheelchair 180 body varial / bar flip to pedal -E squeak ….that’s a transition that I’ve always done / wrestled with for many moons , haha…..only until recently have I wrestled with it enough to FINALLY put it into lines , haha ! The pedal E-squeak bar flips ….same thing …..FINALLY mixing them in lines more frequently these days . Man , it’s been a journey working that stuff in …..but hell bruv , seeing cats like YOU , Fester , Akihiko , Nekolny , Kio , etc ……..it motivates me to try and up my skill level . All ya’ll and EVERYONE is so damn MENTAL with ya’lls riding these days ……one can’t help but be inspired by all you cats , TIMES 7……Keep RULING , BZ and I eagerly anticipate MORE of your riding and THAT Exclusive combo / combos for this site , homie !! You shred BOTH wheels HARD , BZ !

  2. Oh yes the switch at 59s! So nice! Rodney!
    By the way: I would consider a pedal cowboy when the foot would be on the other pedal/the other side of the frame. And this would be a pedal circle K maybe? What do you think? I know trick names are always difficult…

    • Thank you , Daddy Cool ! I appreciate the love ! Yeah that switch , maaaannnn …….been fighting with it for a LOOOONG time , haha. ( that’s Flatland , wouldn’t have it any other way ! ) You are correct sir ! I too , consider what’s in this video a pedal E-squeak ! I kind of recently learned pedal cowboys ( LEFT pedal , scuffing right cross , like I do ! ) and now……..you just gave me a lil idea to attempt …….good , trained eye to detail , Daddy Cool ! I’m the exact same way with trick names / origins …..I pay A LOT of attention to EVERY single detail like you , bruv !

  3. You RULE , Renaud ! Stoked on the love , bro ! Hell man……..I’m STILL amped , stoked on your last edit , TIMES 7 ……such unique combos , flow , and trick selection , mixed with STEEZ for days , homie !!!

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