One thought on “Terry Adams: Big Link

  1. Whenever Terry nails a 50 second , minute line I’m stoked ! Especially with his signature hammer moves . ( turbine crack packer flip to x-leg hiker ! ) thrown in . This line is his longest line since his mega combo for M.K. Format and the line he posted on his F.B. account back in February of 2022 . Thank you for posting this , Big- E . I randomly try and follow so many riders that you caught this rad line of Terry’s before I did , ha….either way I’m stoked to watch it again and again……..and again . Terry is still one of the top cats leading that hammer -tech style of progressive flatland. Hell bruv , his 2004 , all red Ares bike days ….all those lines , I still like to watch ……he had a banging line from back then in the Tip Plus BMX family D.V.D. representing Lotek shoes ……

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