Throwback Thursdays Part 2 – A Breed Apart!

A Breed Apart flatland video 1998 from colin smith on Vimeo.

Classic video from 1998 by Colin Smith. Featuring Mike S, James White, myself, Phil Dolan, Alexis Desolneux, Martti Kuoppa, Andrew Faris, Nathan Penonzek and many more, so much good footage from the Worlds in Portimao, KOC, and the Level Vibes!

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays Part 2 – A Breed Apart!

  1. i love this kind of flatland!!!! the most!!! and Effraim is killing if together with the rest, made my day!!! now time to ride!!!!

  2. Probably my most watched video. Colin Smith is a really good film-maker!

    A baffled 14 year old me watches Phil Dolan during Jungle Boogie.

  3. Cheers Chris. Actually for this one I just filmed, edit and production was by my Portuguese friend, Eduardo Sousa, who makes different videos these days –

  4. The Duke was on his European tour in 98, and came to hang out with me and Eduardo in Portugal, after I met him at KOC and before the Portimao worlds.
    15 YEARS ago?!? Can’t be!!!!

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