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Flatmatters is here to serve the flatland community as fast as possible, our motto is “to document, share and progress”.

Flatland waits for no one. Someone somewhere on this vast planet is progressing, we like to show that and motivate you to progress, and keep this artform/sport we all love alive. This website is produced by Effraim Catlow. Special thanks to Simon Shorten at Seventy1st Design for all his initial help setting up the website. Thanks to Johann Chan at Emer Clothing for the redesign and Kurt Hohberger at BMX Union for all his help behind the scenes! We hope you all enjoy the experience checking FM everyday!

Website rules: as of 24th April 2012

Simple rule of the site: Stick to one posting name: i.e, mine is Effraim!

Multiple fake name posts from the same isp address will be deleted, if this continues after warnings and you will be banned.

Posting etiquette:
Please bear in mind, you have responsibility towards what you say. Once you post a comment, it stays online. Think about it!

Thank you all!


One thought on “About Us

  1. yo soy de Costa Rica y me intereso esta pagina es un éxito esta dedicada para los que corremos el flatland en las venas !!! Los Felicito que buen citio web de haora en adelante los seguire ¡¡¡ Pura Vida.

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