4 thoughts on “Brian Tunney – August 2019 Clips

  1. Didn’t even snap that this was THE spot from back in 1986 , Effraim ! Carly Agrillia , think I spelled the wrong , haha. Him and Mike Karanik , I think Aaron Dull ……used to session there ?! All these dudes were flowing some dope links back then . Brians pedal ice cream link , the elbow glide , switch to oppy elbow glide , and his crazy SMOOOOOTH , dialed hiker , one handed jugglers are eye candy , indeed ! Ive always dug Tunneys rolling lines / skills , and the way he links rolling positions……….his section in Doses , I think part 4 or 5 , hes riding a chrome Hoffman E.P. outside of a Jersey skate park where he had just WON a 2 -Hip bike company contest in 1998 , hes SLLLAAAAAAMMMING down the dopest around the world combos , some rad back wheel lines , also…………THAT video part is one of my favorites from a lot of his video sections throughout the years !

  2. Yeah, I’d totally forgotten about ‘the spot’ with those riders & others. I’m surprised I did, given I read Freestylin front to back & again, just in case I missed anything, such is my addiction to flat.

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