Danny Sirkin – BikeWorx Remix

BikeWorx Remix – Danny Sirkin from dannysirkin on Vimeo.

Kicking off our Sunday posts with this nice Bikeworx Remix edit from the man behind Quest BMX, Danny Sirkin. Filmed between 1995-98, mostly at the legendary Chenga 1 skatepark. I especially liked the no handed circle k at 2:19! But there is plenty more to enjoy, hit play for this one.

5 thoughts on “Danny Sirkin – BikeWorx Remix

  1. Always wondered about his RIDING , I always LOVE to see BMX company owners RIDING back ground and MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN , he F—KN RIPS , THIS stuff would STILL bang TODAY , junkyard -QUICK pivot to stick b , NO handed forward rope death truck , popping into it with ZERO speed , perverted decades to exit combos , hang fives to side packers , forward rope to SWITCH time machine spins pivoted to INSIDE right cross stick bs , etc , etc !! Id be MORE than HAPPY to able to do ALOT of this riding , like TODAY !! Not to mention his riding style is FAST / SNAPPY and CONFIDENT …..reminds me of how Jamie Maccitosh looks while riding his bike !!!

  2. Youre welcome Danny , YEEEESSS , BIG E !! EXACTLY , mate , what you said authority OVER the bike , the ULTIMATE display of RADITUDE ! You bring up a rider ……Ive been curious about ALSO ………..Gerry Smith , him……….AND Josh Williams !

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