Diversion TV Retrospective – Sergo “Balu”

If you only watch one segment from the whole series, make it this one. This profile of Balu is the point of the whole series. Released in 2002, before you-tube, before facebook, before cell phones had cameras and anyone could post a video for the world to see, we found Balu in his little costal village of Garuja Beach, Brazil. Here was a dude that was riding hardcore, already a legend in Brazil, but unknown to the rest of the world. Discovering dope underground riders and scenes and giving them a platform for the world to see is the underlying motivation for the whole series.

8 thoughts on “Diversion TV Retrospective – Sergo “Balu”

  1. oh wow. great riding.

    he has been featured on this website a few times before. you must not be an avid follower of flatland to have never heard of him.

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