Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 1

Neil Waddington from Ride On BMX took the time to come down to Southsea last week to interview me about my riding history and experiences along the way. In Part 1 we discuss my childhood growing up and competing on the UKBFA competition circuit, travelling to contests outside of the UK and a whole lot more. Thanks to Neuil Waddington for taking the time to do this, hope you all enjoy! it’s not often I’m the subject of an interview these days…

22 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 1

  1. Wow, you really are an old timer!!!! I mean that in a good way!!!!! You go way way back Awesome…Very cool Interview…..

  2. Cool man! I love getting these little windows into a rider’s life, especially if they’ve been in the game for a while and have that dedication. Big-ups to the Big-E!

  3. What everyone above said^^^^. Neil does some fine interviews and interweaves the video into it for a great production.

    So glad to hear some of your history, Effraim. I was out of the sport for so long and missed so much.

  4. Very interesting interview! thanx for your dedication and the love you put into FM… it’s a school for all the young riders… documenting, educating flatland… with passion… Thanx!

  5. Glad I watched this.. @Effraim AKA The Big E AKA Mr Flatmatters what you have achieved mate.. so sick for flatland! Big up Big up! Bring on part 2 (Question.. At the start of the interview you mention that you ran through “the compulsory tricks.” Was that ever a thing in contests? I appreciate it is a FREE style but I suppose things may have been quite different bitd was there a minimum requirement of tricks to compete in a particular class? )

    • Thanks Stuart! When I first started competing in Under 12’s, there was a compulsory round to the UKBFA contest. Tricks as I recall were: Framestand, Rollback, aerial, switch around, rock walk, and possibly a tail whip. Looking back it was a good start on riding, and gave me a broad range of tricks for the time to progress with. So obviously you were judged on how well you could do the compulsory tricks, so riders aired higher than others for example.

      • I agree I think that is a great way of going about things! It must have made the contest judging a bit easier. It takes some of the subjectivity out of it. Great stuff!

  6. Just watched this , what a treat indeed !! Having the drive/ will to bring NEW tricks /combos to EVERY comp every TWO weeks …………at such a YOUNG age really shows the kind of rider you’ve ALWAYS been / stayed !! Having NEW stuff DIALED IN at COMPS is MENTAL , and what an HONOR to ride for HUTCH , they were larger than life in those days !! Ive said this a MILLION times , SMOOOOOOOOOOTH x-leg hiker pivotry / ONE kick multiple cowboy squeaks / BACKWARDS spinning cracks-mid line , AND the forward rope drop to ice cream -bike flip to stick-b ………….at such a YOUNG age also ??!!!! DEF a TOP rider BACK THEN / NOW BIG E !! NOOOOOOW time for PART 2 !!!!!!

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