Gasparilla Flatland Jam Part 1 & 2

Most of you will have read the Jay Marley interview about the Gasparilla Flatland Jam last weekend in Tampa, Florida now it’s time for some footage. This jam footage features the likes of Bo Wade, Bryan Huffman, Terry Adams, Tyler Gilliard, Dax Wolford, and a few Florida locals I don’t recognise. Thanks for the heads up on this one Dax!

One thought on “Gasparilla Flatland Jam Part 1 & 2

  1. Mike Alvarez has been one of my best riding partners i’ve ever had and has been pushing it since the early AFA days with just as much fire now as he did back then. And now this clutch edit he hammered out within hours of the Gasparilla Jam with tight editing and slick transitions. Thanks for posting this one Effraim!

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