Marton Szilagyi: 50th Birthday edit

Marton and the Haro Masters part 2 / Marton's 50th birthday edit from og pictures on Vimeo.

Happy 50th birthday to one of the best to ever do it on a flatland bike, Marton Szilagyi rules! Go watch this one, and enjoy the variety of skills OG Marton possesses with also the uncanny ability to not look like he’s aged at all.

13 thoughts on “Marton Szilagyi: 50th Birthday edit

  1. Regardless his age, he’s still shredding and it’s so enjoyable to see that he’s still having fun riding his bike!
    But yeah 50 is kinda crazy!! Benjamin Button of flatland!
    So inspiring! Thank you for this and happy bday!

  2. Cool track old-school style yeah listen it to headphones fits Martons riding… What happened to that og frame he was riding since last edit? And I prefer Marton with at least a front brake cause he has a huge bag of tricks it’s a pity… So many years to come for Marton ahead… Rick Alison is 56 and still busting crazy moves… Damn!

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