31 thoughts on “Must Watch! Quentin Pelorson

  1. Heck yeah, love this stuff!

    …may I say it’s a shame you fell off at the end of the first front wheel link? Ooops, I just did!
    Awesome riding!

  2. this is just awesome, Quention is just so so good!!
    these little pedal standings are stylish and seem so innovative!!!

    only annoying thing I can’t stop to think of is that Quentin seems to follow the same road as Pokemon did at his time: very difficult and very interesting riding but no success at contests (probably because of the stress that comes with that).
    At least, that’s a thought only for now, I just hope that Quentin will really succeed at contests as he seems to want it because he participates to a lot of french contests, and that’s always a real pleasure to enjoy these opportunities to see his stylish and very difficult riding during the practice times.

  3. @thong: what would be so special about it?

    props, quentin! sick tricks and style! also I bet its good motivation to have a 3 minute video with 24 something comments and just above that a 30 minute something video with absolutely zero comments 😀

  4. yes!!!! my favorite rider is back with a banger!!! i saw a little of moto backwards spin to crackpacker back in 2009. but quentin did it on jumping. very very sick!!! untill now i had played this over ten times already! ahaha

  5. Man that was sick!


    I’ve got to say that most people know Pokemon was at times a level above pro contest flatland, same goes for some of Quentin’s switches. If he has to water shit down for contests then what’s the point?

    He is getting way more respect from us here now than he would if he placed in a comp with mediocre dialled consistent riding. Like Pokemon, like Jeff D, this here is the real shit. Burly hardcore original technical riding at it’s best.


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