6 thoughts on “Nick Watts – 27th July

  1. As I’ve said at times, ‘you know what the best thing about my old chrome rims is, after I polished them Nick’?, not the shine of them, but the reflection of ‘ME’!. And ego’s not a dirty word.

    • Hey Chris..Not too sure where you going with this one mate??..But I guess it’s a compliment?? Hhahha..Hope your doing well!

  2. Bloody hell bruva…………the WAY you move around / just toy with the bike………….MINT , just so sick / rad ,your movements , transitions ….. really put your combos on the edge , and man ……the cool thing is , it looks to me , being that you’ve got a deep bag of tricks ……………….that youre like …….totally freestyling these links ,THAT make it even sweeter . watching your edits …….you never know what youre going to do every second during a combo ! So glad youre back ripping / filming / posting on your bike , bruva ! You , Giannis , Hidenori , Nueman , Reed Stark , Tucek , Hagnas , Patrick King ……are just some of the riders who Ive been stoked as f-k on lately . Keep these garage edits coming….. Ripper Watts .

    • Cheers Rodney..glad you like the style and it’s getting you psyched!! I’ve almost exhausted those bag of tricks though!! Time to learn some new stuff!! Cheers Nick

  3. It’s just a lighthearted bit of humour based on the numerous impersonations, I randomly do. Of course those in the know, know. Now that you know, I know you know, you know. And now you’re 1 of those in the know hahaha! Bloody ridiculous but I don’t take life too seriously.

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