Over 40’s Jam by Jimalog

OVER40'S JAM from JIMALOG1985 on Vimeo.

Much like a Tom at Sevisual edit, Jimalog over in Japan commands the same kind of attention and respect where you go and watch the edit immediately. You already know this Over 40’s jam edit from Chiba, Japan is amazing. Great vibes, respect for each others riding space, variety in riding styles, bangers, it’s all here!

Masashi Itani
Yu Shoji
Takuji Kasahara
Moto Sasaki
Takahiro Ikeda
Yasunari Ishijima
Shinichiro Hara
Kunihiro Shimakawa
Katsushi Tanaka
Takahiro Enoki

I am always curious what other people take out of edits that I have described, so lets hear it in the comment section. Happy friday everyone, it’s time to ride!

5 thoughts on “Over 40’s Jam by Jimalog

  1. This edit just goes to show that age is just a number especially in the world of flatland. As long as your bone are intact you can do whatever you want

    Amazing edit, much love goes out to Jimalog for putting these gems together.

  2. The bloke in the first few minutes on the red bike,& the bloke with the white tyres stood out for me. But, I wouldn’t be surprised of the skills of the others either. And it really shows that age shall not weary us. That great feeling of, wether it’s scuffing, rolling, switches or a smooth combo hasn’t left me. Feeling of freedom riding flat, well nothing comes close to it,for me.

  3. Wow this was an awesome watch. Being 40 I can’t believe how hard these guys still go. Regardless of the age I think this is just an awesome edit and the tricks were amazing. Holds up to any edit i’ve seen lately. Respect guys, i loved it. Maybe I should put a bike back together?

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