Top 5’s with Ederson Paulo Ferreira!

Aka “Nene”, is blowing up right now, ton of web edits regularly online, effortlessly killing the back wheel, recent interview in ART magazine, time for a top 5’s here at Flatmatters! Look forward to seeing more of Nene as his style develops…

Bike parts:
Frame, Handlebars, Pedals, Grips, Hubs.

Favourite Riders:
Clayton Da Silva (Claybom), Bruno (Zebu), Marcos Paulo de Jesus (Pig), Leo Claro, Erik Soares.

Bike Companies:
Master Bikes, Odyssey, Inside Out Garage, SampaBMX, Flatland Fuel.

Swear words you use when you ride:
Shit, almost, go Nene, thanks God, I can’t believe..

Globe shoes, Red Bull, Apple, G-Shock, Canon.

Websites to visit:
Facebook, Youtube, FreeFlat, Flatmatters, LisiasTabarelli’s blog…

Mp3, Mobile, Digital Camera, GPS, Sunglasses.

Favourite Tricks to do:
Time Machine Cross foot, Rear wheel jump to front, Hitchiker whips, rear wheel pedal turbine, turbines…

Places to visit:
Tokyo, Hawaii, SubSolo Extra Piracicaba ,Ibirapuera, Salvador (Brazil).

Tricks you wish you could do:
Grip Ride, Nose manual X foot, Blender, Double Rolaid, Whips.

Fluke up, Flora Matos vs StereoDubs, Emicida, Passion Pit, DJ Shadow.

Video parts you watch:
5BMX Claybom (entrevista Part 1 of 2, and Part 2 of 2, Flatland Bakteria, ThunderFlats, Fistaile “Flatland” Jam 2011, Ares Garuda PV (Shinde part).

Orange Juice, Coffee, Coke, Gatorade, Cold water.

Salad, Chicken, French Fries, Rice, Pizza.

Things your hating on:
Wake up late, sleep late, rain, noise, slow internet.

Things to do besides riding:
Be with my girlfriend, play cards, play soccer, skate, drink coffee.

Proverbs, Revelation, Jonah, Job, Issiah.

A.R.T, Ride BMX, BMXPlus!,SoulBMX, Veja (Brazilian Magazine).

Cicade de Deus, The pursuit of Happiness, X-men, Fast and Furious, Challenging the Giants.

Thank you Nene! Who’s next???

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