1993 BS Contest @ Scrap

1993 BS Contest @ Scrap from Adam Guild on Vimeo.

Happy New Year everyone!

Starting 2019 with a belter from the archives courtesy of Adam Guild. The 1993 BS Contest at Scrap Skatepark in Chicago, USA. The edit starts out with some great park footage from Dave Mirra RIP, Dennis McCoy and Jay Miron. The flatland kicks in at the 2:55 mark with the likes of Chase Gouin, Chad Degroot, Day Smith, Edgar Plascencia and Ross Smith. The final line by Ross is still to this day absolutely ridiculous, well worth a watch!

What a great start to 2019!

One thought on “1993 BS Contest @ Scrap

  1. i wonder if this is the contest where Mirra & Miron got into a fist fight? heard stories for years but never saw any pics or vids of it…

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