Aaron Frost: The Living Room

In confinement, it is amazing what creative minds can come up with. Aaron Frost hit me up with this “Living Room” edit he dropped in January 2007. The ender, backwards hitch pivot to x-fted backpacker pivot to hitch stands up today, and theres also a while of other crazy switches. All performed in Aaron’s Living Room, a timely edit to watch right now!

4 thoughts on “Aaron Frost: The Living Room

  1. @ 1.37 MINUTES ! His signature Green Goblin move , backward hitchhiker , pivot to x-leg back packer …..with only a few feet before rolling into a wall , right before pivoting back out AGAIN to a forward hitchhiker !! SLLAMMMMED , Aaron . I still recall Diego Tejada showing me this edit when it first dropped online . we were about to go out for a riding session and Diego said …….WAIT , you have to watch THIS first ! Im a huge fan of small , compact area session edits . Malte Orth , Chris Woodling , Indy Armstrong , Yosuke York Uno , Terry Adams , Peter Olsen , Scott Obrien……all these cats have dropped some insane edits where theyre just busting out some serious lines @ their personal session dojos . This one by Frosty is no different . Amazing the level of lines he shreds in his LIVING ROOM . Thanks for the RE-up / reminder for this dope edit , Aaron / Effraim !

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