Aaron Wright: 46

Fresh new footage from Canadian lifer, Aaron Wright who celebrated his 46th birthday this week. Love the peg slider to switch foot lardyard around the 2:03 mark. Good work Aaron, and a happy birthday to you from me here at FM HQ!

4 thoughts on “Aaron Wright: 46

  1. Loving that original switch…..cross hang five rebate to cross Karl -boomerang to Cobain / Cobain roll , the turbine hang five to no handed cowboy squeak , and how Aaron can toss those fire hydrant bar flips to hikers at will , wherever in a line ….a true lifer that’s still rules today as much as when I first saw video of him on that white E.P. . tech riding using a brake and without a brake . The inside circle staple gun roll , hiker line….. ruled as well ……

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