14 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin moving to America!

  1. Thats cool ! The house in louisiana are probably more affordable ! Good moves … Great news for flatland in america !

  2. Thats probably how he’s making the move. He probably wont have to work much here with his store back in France making him money. Not to mention St. Martin is probably giving him a paycheck.

  3. So I’m curious how that’s possible have the immigration laws changed since I came over from England 20 years ago ? it’s not really something you just get to do that easy ?

  4. it’s not easy at all ! ’cause I went through it, legally !! you need a work permit, a work visa or a resident status otherwise…… busted ! ’cause immigration is tough nowadays and I also wonder if americans are welcome in france ? that’s a good one.. who’s welcome in france ?

  5. seems like it would take some time to set up, right? it’s very cool, i just think it sounds really rushed. whatever the case, good luck Alex!

  6. I ended up being illegal for 7 year which wasn’t really fun at all. Even when I got married to an American it took 3 years to get my green card and alot of money. Good luck Alex it’s all worth it in the end.

  7. Awesome! There are some amazing looking houses and some cool places in Louisiana. I’d like to live there for a while. Good food – it’s a little bit French in character also.

  8. It’s also good for his kids to get educated in America and become native English speakers. I’d do the same even though you can’t compare Paris life to anything.

  9. John Yull is a warrior all the way, that was a TOUGH John, you’ve got hughe balls. That ain’t easy and with those guys such as Nugent and Seagal hunting for immigrants, and it is true ! with rifles, shotguns and stuff as if people were animals ! Gov. Jan Brewer from Arizona signed a bill aimed at identifying, prosecuting and deporting illegal immigrants the Arizona Senate Bill 1070, race being as the sole basis for investigating immigration status, kkk at it’s finnest

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