Alex Jumelin takes the top spot in Semis at the UCI World Championships

Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who took the top spot today in the semi-finals at the UCI World Championships in Momtpellier, France. Alex was followed in the podium by Matthias Dandois who was unable to hold onto his first place spot in the first prelim round and Moto Sasaki bumped up a few places in third place. The cut was from 12 down to 8. Finals tomorrow 3:20pm GMT. Hopefully I can get a link up to watch it tomorrow.

Thanks to Mike S for sending the results in.

11 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin takes the top spot in Semis at the UCI World Championships

  1. I REALLY wanna see this and have been combing the net , social media looking for any video of it so far ……judging from the way Terry , Matt were riding in Buda T.X. , a couple weeks ago…..and how all the competitors have been riding this year in online contests ….I KNOW this is going to be some great contest footage ! All the prelims , finals , even PRACTICE sessions ! Thank you for the update , E ! Fingers crossed for videos being uploaded SOONER than later . looks as if Jumelin had a Booba song in his head………and SLLLAAAAMMED DOWN some serious lines in his pure , original style ! Curious to see what Viki threw down as well…………

  2. 1st. Matthias Dandois
    2nd. Moto Sasaki
    3rd. Alex Jumelin
    4th.Matthieu Bonnecuelle
    5th.Matt Wilhelm
    6th. Varo Hernandez
    7th Terry Adams
    8th. Lee Musselwhite

  3. Congratulations to Matthias and the other riders! Without having seen it I am sure Matthias deserves the win. But it is still like many years ago: How can someone be called world champion if many super good contest riders haven’t been there? Or am I wrong and Dom, Dub and others haven’t made it to the finals?

    • i guess it’s like any other comp whatever it’s bmx or something else, competitors have to be present the d day, the comp is going to happen whatever the number of participants and the tittle will be given no matter what.
      Federer could not make it in 2020 at Rolland Garros, but Nadal is the champion

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