Alex Jumelin wins Battle in the Rockies + Full Results

I am back home after the Chimera A-side contest, and catching up on a busy weekend around the globe for events. The AFA final round went down at the Battle in the Rockies in Colorado, congratulations to Alex Jumelin winner of the Pro Class, Gabin Jumelin for winning the expert class, Tom Haugen taking the Old’s Cool class, and Reid Arendall the beginner class. Look like a great turnout in Colorado, and Nathan Jumelin turning Pro and making finals is huge in a stacked field! Hopefully some footage soon, thanks Todd Carter for the results and podium shots…

1. Alex Jumelin
2. Joris Bretagnolles
3. Williams Perez
4. Bruno Zebu
5. JF Boulianne
6. James McGraw
7. Austin Luberda
8. Will Redd
9. Art Thomason
10. Omari Cato
11. Nathan Jumelin
12. Dax Wolford
13. Bo Wade
14. Bobby Burge
15. Ryan Russell
16. Todd Carter
17. Dave Nourie
18. Cesar Rangel
19. Brian Gavagan

1. Gabin Jumelin
2. Ed Jodie
3. Kelly Baldwin
4. Troy Hebert
5. Dillon Parada
6. Steve Lapsley
7. Jerry Milborn
8. Luis Palmas
9. Julio Cotto

Old’s Cool.
1. Tom Haugen
2. Tony Abasolo
3. Lance Lyons
4. Kendra Walls
5. Alvin Crane
6. Dan Hull
7. John Ustaszewski
8. Clint Major
9. Jacob Ridgeway

Beginner Class.
1. Reid Arendall
2. Dakota Ritchie
3. Preston Wilson
4. Andy Pandemic
5. Coda McGraw
6. Monique Baldwin
7. Jayden Castro
8. Joseph Perez
9. Nick Sweney
10. Simon Farmer
11. Noah McGraw

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