Alex Jumelin wins Fise “Battle of the Champions” 2019!

CCongratulations to Alex Jumelin who just won the Fise “Battle of the Champions” contest in Saudi Arabia, followed on the podium by Jean William Prevost, and Dez Maarsen rounding out the podium. If you missed it, you can watch it back in the post below!

37 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin wins Fise “Battle of the Champions” 2019!

  1. His contest….he wins. Wow. Big surprise. Great rider for sure. Still a cunt. What’s the fucking point anymore.

          • Gary my point being is they chose Jumelin over another Frenchman. I have been to several FISE’s now in Canada and the judging has nothing to do with being French it has to do with Jumelin being friends or whatever with the organizers. At one about three or four years ago Jumelin should have placed 5th or 6th behind Dandois, Kun, Dub, Percy, etc..but somehow he won. We were all laughing at this because it was unbelievable he won. Only one of the judges at that one was french. The judges were all riders (Travis Collier, Alex Deslnwhatever, and some guy from S&M in the US) and they should have been ashamed at themselves.

  2. And too add to that… thank god we have judges like Effraim as a judge for flatark otherwise we would know that would be a rigged contest as well.

  3. Is it ever going to perfect, course not. But, I’ve heard of certain judges here favouring certain riders, because they’re friends with who they judged above other’s. It’s total b’s, we put in so much practice,& and it just feels as if, you’ve been ripped.

  4. Ok Aaron. Let’s put it this way, this thing called Bmx Flat’s about popularity and having a coolness factor. At other events, someone else will be the flavour of the month. Sure, we’ve got riders who definitely stand out,& rightly so, because they’re highly skilled.

  5. Yeeeahh… Jumelin and Dandois top 3 EVERY Fise is suspect as f*ck and quite boring. I’m a fan of their riding all day, but in terms of Fise contest placings, I don’t even bother following the series because of the whole rigged vibe. Kinda like an Ares rider finishing top 3 every KOG bitd, at least try to not make it so obvious, comp organizers. I don’t necessarily blame the riders in these kinds of situations, but something is definitely up. =/

    • There could be more to it. Stuff going on behind the scenes. Possibly the judges give him an automatic win when he’s considerate enough to cover up that tramp stamp of his so they aren’t forced to look at it for two straight days.

  6. If everyone here can chill on the negativity and go learn a new trick that would be great!

    All the riders involved in these contests ride their asses off and contribute to our sport. Whether you agree with a judges decision or not doesn’t really matter, all the guys in the top 10 at any of these big contests have a shot to win so it’s anyone’s guess who is going to take it and we all know how hard judging is. Anyone who signs up as a judge is going to make some calls that are going to ruffle a couple feathers, and that’s to be expected, since everyone has different biases based on their own experience riding. You have to respect that the judges are willing to take the job knowing full well people are going to blast them in the comments (even if everything is all good at the contest). The guys who normally take top spots are seriously hard to beat, what your experiences have been with them as people is your own and that’s another matter but you can’t take away the fact all these guys ride hard as hell. We have a small sport and I feel like we’d all be better off if we just focused more on pushing on our own riding and contributing our own thing versus coming out of the woodwork to chime in on how we don’t like things since it’s a zero sum game.

    • High horse much? No one is saying that the riders don’t bring real tricks but it’s obvious to everyone that first place was/has been predetermined before a tire touched the surface. But let’s not call that out right? Better to pretend that Fise has any integrity–I mean does anyone here know anything about the ongoing legacy of human rights violations in Saudi Arabia? But what am I saying? Listen to Pete kids, don’t be critical of anything, just go work on new tricks and everything get fixed all by itself. A+

      • Brandon F – I realize I may be wasting my time even trying to rebut why I think most people are better off spending time actually riding versus complaining in the comments, but whatever. If I seem on my high horse then that’s fine but it’s not my intention. No one seems to get called out for jumping on other riders here so if what I say bugs you then we can always chat about it in person since I don’t feel what I’m saying is really all that harsh. My point is that after every contest it’s the same thing. Oh, this contest is rigged in Alex’s favour or this contest is rigged in Uchie’s favour or whatever.. nothing changes year after year. Next time you see one of the people judging in person ask them if it was predetermined and if they say yes then let me know. Flat is so small to yet riders create these mini-beefs around every event. After a while I don’t see why being “critical” in this sense is really important knowing full well that in the future the exact same comments will come up. Is this people being critical or this is people nitpicking at judging when results don’t turn out the way they would prefer? I’ve seen Alex win a couple Fise in Edmonton and he rode great at both, no conspiracy there. Our sport has no shortage of salty old dudes, so we definitely aren’t lacking criticism and I don’t really see what we stand to gain from more of it. I just wish more people were pushing their riding instead of spending time on the internet, if you disagree with that then that’s okay.

        No rider I’ve ever talked to condones the human rights violations that are going on in Saudi Arabia so I don’t really know what to do with that point? Riders could boycott the event if they actually thought that would make a difference but you’d have to talk to them about that. That being said, I’m hoping that some kids in Saudi Arabia get into riding from it.

        Gary- You got me!!

        • “I’ve seen Alex win a couple Fise in Edmonton and he rode great at both, no conspiracy there. ” Well of course a former S&M rider would never badmouth an S&M judge at the event! Good one.

          I remembered his name by the way. Ryan Russell.

        • I have it on good and trustworthy council that Fise is fixed so at least people calling that out can shame that shadiness. In a small sport like ours respect matters a lot more than placings within the community so, salty or just honest, I see value in calling it out. Not to mention, I don’t think it’s the fault of those who call out the BS that things aren’t changing. It’s the people that profit from it being fixed that benefit and if hey keep feeling fine with doing it then they haven’t been shamed enough and will keep doing it in my opinion.

          The Saudi Arabia comment wasn’t directed at you. But as much as I’d like to see a kid get into flatland out there sadly, we know that no women there will have such a chance. So yeah, I’d love it if riders boycotted that country. I mostly blame Fise the organization for holding a contest there though—which just reveals their primary motive$. In fact, I’d love to see riders boycott all the Fise events, so they only have the hand picked ‘winners’ do a little show and the pretension is dropped. Again, I’m not saying the riders that win can’t win, I’m only saying that there isn’t really a competition happening.

          One of the things that bothers me most is that the same people talking about trying to “grow the sport” are the ones involved in completely undercutting it’s legitimacy—not the best strategy for growth if you ask me.

          But I don’t know why I care. The contest scene has grown so far away from what actual flatlanders do when they go ride (i.e. hang out with friends and try to enjoy themselves while trying to progress at something). No disrespect to contest riders, they are amazing, but there is far more to riding flatland than contests in my opinion.

  7. Look what you started Aaron, just joking. If we look at the crux of this, that’s what the internet, can & has done, that is, just 1 or a few words or sentences here and there,& people can misconstrue things. However, I do agree with some of the comments. And riders are saying what they are now;& I did mention months ago, if anyone recalls, that an association or panel, if you like, needs to be formed. But, not 1 person expressed any interest, at least not on here, that I’m aware of. I posted that specifically because we as riders don’t need the IOC or another governing body to tell us how ‘our sport’, should be. What’s to going to happen in the future, if flat does/is get into the Olympics?? And these issues with judging has;& is still going on. It’s time it was sorted once and for all. I for 1, think it’s stupid how we hear certain comments from people who are commentating at events. These people clearly aren’t riders;& misrepresent flat.

  8. Wow.
    This is so infantile. I rate the whiners in this thread “Musselwhite.”

    FISE elevating Flatland BMX = good.
    FISE organizing and putting up prize money for Flatland = good.
    FISE live streaming for the masses = good.

    That’s it.

    Personal preferences about who should’ve won — is not only laughable, it’s meaningless.

    You don’t like contests – don’t enter them.
    You don’t like the judges – become one.
    You don’t like the politics of Flatland – work towards changing them.

    Flatland is a judged sport, it will always be subjective. After 35 years, who didn’t know that?

    Accept, move on and stop trashing your own.

    I cannot get over the level of immaturity that still exists in the Flatland community; especially from those over 30 — like Pete O said, this has been going on forever — where does it lead?

    Tell you what, instead of pissing and moaning on the internet each time you disagree with the judging at a major contest — try doing something 1/100th as positive as what FISE has done for Flatland.
    K? Thx.

    • I didn’t even voice my opinion on this matter Joe….. but if you do have something you wana call me how about you do it to my face, so I can actually give you something to whinne about.

    • So, we’re not allowed to be upset on the behalf of riders who maybe need contest placings to promote their sponsors or contest winnings to make a living on? Or upset about the effect a rigged looking high profile contest might have on flatland’s legitimacy as a sport and artform? gtfoh…

  9. Why is it so that no one talks about the bad floor where riders have to ride on? I have heard from couple of riders who actually competed in Saudi that the floor was horrible and you can actually tell that by looking at the riding. Count the touches and you´ll know what I mean. Flatland looks bad on a bad floor and it would be better off not have a competition at all if it looked so bad. That is no offense to anyone by the way. Instead of talking how awesome it was to be in Saudi, it would be better for the sport of Flatland if pro riders would say out loud that the floor sucked. But I guess there is a risk to tell something negative about such event.
    Bad floor = Bad Flatland

  10. It’s all about rollbacks guys! Oh an the lazy and worst trend in flatland is letting your back wheel hit the ground while on the front wheel! One last thing go and suck Alex Jumelin’s dick…

  11. See what I mean, 1 post, & it’s as controversial as ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’, for those that recall lol. Well maybe not lol.

  12. Well you know…Trump did it and won. Weird that people of blue collar would support such a privledged ass hat. I have less skeletons in my closet… though I have some. I am arrogant and confident enough to think I could do a much better job, but, the financial requirements necessary to run would prove unattainable because my candancy would prove too centrist for the extreme ideological support needed to actually win the nomination. Therefore I am left with being opinionated in the salty world of flatland bmx.

  13. Well, as long as no 1 bribes schools so their kids can attend top colleges lol. And nothing wrong with being opinionated either.

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