Ares Bykes Toybox edit

With the release of Ares Vol.5 anyday, the update edits to hype up the release are coming fast, sadly no Hotoke, as he quit Ares, am I the only one who thinks Hotoke is so underrated??

Hi is a Toy box of ARESBYKES!? from YORK UNO on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Ares Bykes Toybox edit

  1. Hey man, I’m with you on the Hotoke comment. I love watching that kid, his style inspires me to ride more than anyone else right now. So smooth and relaxed. I’m bummed that he left Ares because this means I will probably never get to see any more video parts from him ever again.

    I really wish I could find out who he’s riding for now, if anyone…

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