Billy Gawrych – Intelligent Design Clothing edit

Billy Gawrych is name I remember from the AFA days! And from the look of that combo at 0:10 he isn’t slowing down at all! This is dope! Keep shredding Billy!

7 thoughts on “Billy Gawrych – Intelligent Design Clothing edit

  1. Meet Billy at Texas Toast, he’s got so much energy and has the quick, snappy style I love to watch. Thanks for postin’ this up Effraim.

  2.  After having ACL surgery; Rehabbing my knee took forever & really sucked! The mental part was harder then the physical! Took forever even to get the confidence to throw tricks I already had dialed!
         2013!! No more knee brace and putting together a new bike. Looking forward to throwing new skills! 
         This video features some of the old school, (and frustration) I was going through while rehabbing my knee…. 
          FLATLAND FOR EVER!!!!
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  3. Hey ya’ll, come join the Mitchell Park Retirement Village Precision Wheelchair Team for a volleyball tournament and party on April 8, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. We’ll be celebrating Billy’s foreclosure sale. Own a piece of the Legend and make a bid on his house.

    Too bad you couldn’t stick around, Billy – just when you were getting old enough to enjoy the Retirement Village!

    For a peek at Billy (in his alter ego), back when he was halfway good looking, check out:

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