6 thoughts on “Bruno Zebu: X-foot halfpacker pivot/spin to crackpacker

    • @Scott Powell – Pete Brandt says not, the crackpacker is holding the seat, to scuff into a crackpacker is a wheelchair. Maybe its time for an episode of flat snitches 🙂

  1. A wheelchair is a scuffing trick. A wheelchair is holding the seat and the bar scuffing. A crackpacker once in position you do not hold the bar and you do not scuff, both feet on the pegs 1 hand on the seat rolling. No handed is a no handed crackpacker. I made up the trick in 1988 in Milbrae California on Trousdale Ave and i always got into it from a steam roller, I never scuffed into it. Facts.

  2. A snicth and a rat episode from.the mob hahaha, no bootleggin. A ass packer not a crack packer for those sittin during isolation lol.

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