5 thoughts on “James McGraw & Pete Brandt: 50 years teaser

  1. Half a century of awesomeness, and other 50 years to come! Stoked to see what these cats will be dropping for their 60th! Flatland is totally insane how a life time is needed to truly refine the craft. Looking forward to seeing this birthday banger edit once its posted up.

  2. Youre preaching to the choir , B.Z. ! Both these cats have continued to stay @ the TOP of their game ,AND with the level of this insane new school , progressive flatland riding that just keeps getting crazier, by the friggin DAY……it seems ! Wow , 50 ?! I wasn’t aware they were both reaching the 50th mark of age , talk about some real time motivation , and STOKE for the rest of us to keep riding @ our own personal level , and still trying to push it…. just for personal progressions sake . Theyre both really cool dudes as well ! Again …..so much clout / respect to both of em ………..hell , bruv …..as I stated above….theyre both STILL @ the height of progressive flatland riding , EVEN creating their OWN stuff ! With Jim , ALSO a really skilled rider , with a passion to capture / share bmx flatland @ its best and purest……….this film is gonna SLLLAAAMM DOWN , all bases covered ………their riding , Jims editing , filming , music selection , the theme , vibe of this film …..as I said ….ALL bases covered . Hope this is up online , later this evening after work ! Oh yeah…………………..…..B.Z. , I got that crack packer / Kerry Gatt- K line , that was gonna be my exclusive clip for this site …….BUT……Im NOT the brightest cat with technology , haha…..couldn’t figure out how to send it to Effraim with the transfer version that he is using , hahaha…sooooo I just uploaded it to my YouTube channel ……the channel is called RODNEY BMX WILLIAMS , and the video clip is called FLATMATTERSONLINE. COM EXCLUSIVE CLIP . I know it took my wack ass forever to get it done , Im NOT no Akihiko Takahashi , Cory Fester ….if ya catch my drift , by NO means AT ALL , haha….I hope your turbine line for the FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM EXCLUSIVE CLIP , is going well , judging from the video ya sent me………youre gonna have a REALLY rad , PROGRESSIVE -NEW SCHOOL combo that will be NUMBER 12 for this site ! All the best , B.Z. , and we will exchange info to chat back and forth , push each other . You on F.B. or Instagram , B.Z. ?! On a side note……..JUSTIN FRIGGIN MILLER is BACK on his BIKE !!!!!!!!! Saw it on Terry Adams account ……….YES , B.Z. , J U S T I N M I L L E R , as in KICK-FLIP 360 hitchhikers……to START his links …..in 2 0 0 4 !

    • BWHAAAAAAAT?!?!?! J-Mill’s back?!?!?! Rodney, I’m totally going to to check that crackpacker fm exclusive line on your youtube! I’m still trying to squeeze that other set of hiker turbines into that link I wanted to pull, then my flatland a.d.d. flared up as usual and now i almost got that stubble duck trick that Raph Chiquette did the recent how to vid on. My youtube channel is my name, Brent Zdrill. I dont have or go on facebook or instagram. It was that vid you saw that was the first time I filmed my riding, then I made the youtube account. I generally communicate through email, and a phone number, also got the youtube thing now. I’m not really a tech savy character either.

    • Damn bro! was that a straddle K at the beginning of the link when you switched hovering your foot over the frame whilst smooth scuffing the trick? then just smiling as you roll 2 fat full floor wide crackpacker circles and keep from hitting your garage wall! lol, that was awesome!!

  3. Yup , B.Z. !! JUSTIN BUSTIN MILLER is BACK on his BIKE ! I , like many others are AMMMPPED about THAT , TIMES 7 …….dude busts a line with a hang five -bike switch/ pivot to Cobain roll , ending up in a bars big steam ,to his classic 360 bar flip flap-jack turbine steam , flowed to ANOTHER 360 bar flip from bars big steam ……landing in a crack packer , and even kicks the tire one handed for speed ! The wild thing is…….he does THAT 360 bar flip landing full on wrist twist style , has to IMMEDIATELY let go of the bars ! After that CRAZY switch / flip …….I think he was gonna go on to a switch hand steam turbine , then bar flipping to a side yard , kick twice for speed to a side packer ……..he lands all carved …..so he pivots to an E-squeak , and just STOMPS DOOOOOWWWN on that right rear peg to exit ! Hes REALLY carving during THAT save / ride out . Its INTENSE , and even got me telling my mom who was watching T.V. right next to me , hahaha. I was like …..mom , JUSTIN MILLER is BACK in the game !! Haha , STOKED that youre SLLLAAAAAMMMMING DOWN some hitchhiker turbines within your FLAMATTERS EXCLUSIVE video clip , B.Z. ! I KNOW this is gonna be one hell of a combo from ya ….you leaning those stubble ducks , pivoting SCUFFLESS , all flowed and fast ,that will be SUPER rad too , bruv ! Im very eager to see these , the EXCLUSIVE clip AND the stubble ducks , campeon ! I ll be checking YOUR YouTube channel for your riding AND chatting witcha / exchanging information . Gracias for the heads up on your YouTube channel 411 . Also FLATLAND a.d.d. IS a GOOD thing ! THATS how the MOST dope combos are thought of , created , and documented . Taking your time to make sure a link is SPOT ON , EVERY second of it , like youre doing now……….THAT only cooks up a SWWEEET combo cake , if ya catch my meaning , bruv ! Oh yeah ………yes , the beginning of that line I did was a KERRY GATT floating straddle -K , he CREATED that trick , CIRCA Fall 1995 ……I did HIS trick , floated over to a pedal E-squeak , which MARK EATON , he CREATED that trick as well, CIRCA Spring 1989 ! Then after swinging around to side squeak / Cobain pivot , YES …….NATE HANSON , he CREATED the Cobain scuff , CIRCA Winter 1994 …….I then stepped over , from a right cross elephant glide to wheelchair , THAT transition , MATT GIPSON , he CREATED it , CIRCA Summer 1993 …….then finally ….I rolled a crack packer , YES …..PETE BRANDT , he CREATED that move , CIRCA Spring , I think 1989 ? …..rolled the crack packer , switched to my right foot , rolled the wheelchair , stepped back on the peg to crack packer , and bar flipped out to switch hand fork squeak ! LIONEL CARDOSA , he created THAT switch / exit , haha…Im influenced by TONS of my favorite bmxers , as ya can tell , B.Z. ! Haha. It was a fun lil combo , filming it …….BUT …I did almost hit mommas garage wall , haha…….CANT WAIT to see YOUR links , B.Z. , KEEP ripping on your bike !!!!

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